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Iridology: Beneficial For Life

Yes, iridology is beneficial for life. Why?  Because it allows you to know the possibilities for your genetic predispositions.  Also, because it can indicate the possibilities for how your lifestyle choices are affecting your body.

Blue Eye IrisBlue Iris with Iridiology MarkingsIridology actually maps the eye like a clock on the wall.  To illustrate, look at the iris to the left in the area where the 6 would be on a clock.  Notice the tiny black spot.    Now, look where the 10 would be on a clock.  Do you see the larger oval dark blue area?  These areas are circled in red in the second picture of an iris to the right to help you find them.  These dark pigmented areas can indicate damage to organs due to lifestyle choices.

The third picture below has an iridology chart laid over the iris.  This chart allows the iridologist to see which organs are located at the 6:00 and 10:00 positions that may be stressing in some way as indicated by the black spots and dark blue oval at those locations.  Using this process, iridology can be very beneficial as it can make you aware of opportunities to strengthen organs that may have been damaged by life style choices such as smoking, pharmaceutical drugs and not drinking enough water.

Blue Iris with Iridiology Markings


You can use the knowledge gained from iridology to make life style choices that will build strength in your body instead of feeding into possible genetic predisposition or existing poor life style choices.  This makes iridology an important part of our primary wellness consultation.



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