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HOOK WORM -SINGLEThere are many parasites like this hook worm parasite. These parasites like to live inside our intestinal tract.  However, a parasite can leave the intestinal tract and migrate to other parts of the body like the brain, liver and lungs. The hook worm, in particular, has teeth and will bite down on you if there is no food present in your intestines to eat.  We often think we are having hunger pains when, in actuality, it is the hook worm biting.



Sometimes, we are feeling tired and run down because the parasites are in our intestinal tract removing the nutrients before we get a chance to have them.  Sometimes we feel anxious and hyperactive because of all the toxic waste that the parasites release into our system.  At Optimum Health, we have several ways to eliminate these parasites and get you back to feeling calmly invigorated.  Call to schedule your appointment today.

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