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Healthy Detoxing Requires Nutrients

Stretching HappilyWhy Add Detoxification Nutrients For A Healthy Detox?

To have a healthy detox, you must meet the needs of your body and the detox process.  Let’s consider fueling the detox process.  First, you must realize that some of your cells have been accumulating toxins until they have filled. Once filled, they lock themselves to ensure that the toxins do not escape. At this point, the cells are committing suicide. They will starve to death.  Junk Food vs Healthy Food vs SupplementsOnce the ionic foot bath unlocks the cells and allows them to release the toxins.  The cells can now take in nutrients. We call the nutrients that these cells will ingest nutrients for a healthy detox. It is important to have enough of these detoxification nutrients in your blood once these cells are unlocked and can finally be able to take in nutrients again.  Sometimes supplements may be needed to ensure all needed nutrients are present.  This is not a time for unhealthy junk foods!


Assistance With Healthy Detox Nutrients:

To have a healthy detox, it is extremely important to get qualified assistance with the detoxification process and the detoxification nutrients. A qualified detoxification specialist can help you:

  • Get enough DETOXIFICATION NUTRIENTS to fuel this process and have a healthy detox.
  • Get enough WATER to flush your system and ensure a healthy detox.
  • Empty your BOWELS frequently to remove the toxins from you body to promote a healthy detox.



What Are The Detoxification Nutrients For A Healthy Detox?

Healthy Detox: Requires Water Flushing

Healthy Detox: Requires Emptying Your Bowels Regularly


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