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What is High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure: What is it?

Understanding what high blood pressure is becomes easy if you just think of oatmeal.  Cooking oatmeal with plenty of water in the pot will cause it to have excess liquid.  The oatmeal will be runny. Once the oatmeal is cooked, you can turn the pot upside down and the oatmeal will run out of the pot.  Why?  Because gravity is strong enough to pull the oatmeal from the pot.  If you put too little water in the pot when cooking the oatmeal causing it to be thick enough to let a spoon stand up in it, the oatmeal will not run out of the pot when you turn it upside down.  Why?  Because gravity is not strong enough to pull the thick oatmeal from the pot.

Watery, loose oatmeal. Dry, stiff oatmeal.

The same thing happens with your blood.  The oats are like your blood cells.  The water you use to cook the oatmeal in is like the water you drink each day.  When you don’t drink enough water, you don’t put enough water in your blood causing your blood to become too thick.  When the heart squeezes and pushes the thick blood up into the aorta (see the picture below), the blood has to fall down out of the aorta where the aorta bends.  This is the equivalent of turning the pot of oatmeal upside down.

Bend of the Aorta
If the blood is too thick, gravity will not be strong enough to pull it down to your feet.  Therefore, the muscles have to begin squeezing to push the blood down to your feet.  Once these muscles squeeze, they increase the pressure inside the blood vessels causing increased or high blood pressure.


High Blood Pressure and Decreased Water:

High blood pressure seems to be caused most commonly by not drinking water.  At least, that is the biggest reason we see at our natural healthcare center.  People often think the cause  of high blood pressure is eating too much salt.  Drinking enough water will dilute the salt and prevent it from being a problem.  However, if you are not going to drink your water, salt will truly intensify your problem.

At Optimum Health, eliminating dehydration usually encourages normal blood pressure levels.  The exception is seen when there is mercury toxicity.

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High Blood Pressure and Mercury Toxicity:

High blood pressure and mercury toxicity are often seen together.  Mercury toxicity is the second most common cause of high blood pressure that we see at our natural healthcare center.  Mercury usually causes the top number of your blood pressure to go up while the bottom number stays fairly normal.  This is called split systolic high blood pressure.  A typical split systolic high blood pressure reading could be 140/85 or possibly 150/90.  We theorize that the mercury may thicken the blood.  At Optimum Health, we use the total body cleanse process to help your body lower the mercury levels which usually results in normal blood pressure levels.


Mercury Toxicity Sources:

The biggest source of the mercury is the amalgam (silver-colored) fillings in teeth.  According to the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, these fillings out gas mercury every day.  By the time they are 10 years old, they out gas mercury 1,000 more than considered safe.  If you chew gum on them after the 10th year, they out gas mercury 1 million times more than considered safe.

Mercury Toxicity: Other Symptoms

Symptoms of mercury toxicity are many and spread out all over the body.  Mercury is a soft tissue seeker.  This means that mercury seeks out your soft tissues like your heart, brain, muscles, liver and kidneys to be stored.

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