The Importance of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important nutrient that most other mammals are able to produce. When there is trouble in the body, those mammals begin to produce mega-doses of vitamin C and end the trouble immediately. These mammals don’t get sick as easily as people do. Guinea pigs are one of the other few mammals that don’t produce their own vitamin C. Thus, guinea pigs are used for research because we can easily make them sick… Continue reading

Tree of Dis-ease


The tree of dis-ease depicts a concept that addressed various issues that the body can experience.  First, let’s consider an actual tree.  If we want to allow the sun to shine through but a tree is blocking it, what would we do?  We could prune the tree to allow more sun to get through while preserving the tree.   Keep in mind that pruning has to be repeated to keep the desired effect. Or, we could… Continue reading

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