Working Wonders with Autism Recovery: Meet Patrick


Working Wonders with Autism Recovery: Patrick’s Autism Journey Patrick begins his autism recovery journey healing his brain after being diagnosed with autism approximately 10 years ago.  In the following video, he gets his first dermal chelation.  Notice the changes he experiences immediately.   Patrick’ father has truly been one of is best advocates and it shows. Listen to how happy he becomes as he sees his child improving immediately. Yes, removing the heavy metals that can… Continue reading

Working Wonders with Autism: Meet Daniel

Daniel is Excited and Happy

  Autism Recovery: Daniel, USA Autism recovery is finally happening for Daniel! Physicians diagnosed him with autism when he was 2 years old. Even with constant coaching from his teacher, he lagged farther and farther behind only making it to second grade material at the age of 10.  For nearly a decade there was no autism recovery for Daniel. Daniel’s father, Kevin, became aware of the possibility that heavy metal toxicity could be causing his… Continue reading

Patrick Continues his Autism Recovery

Patrick Keeps Progressing

Patrick’s Autism Recovery at Three Months: Patrick is happy!  He holds conversations!  He can let you know what he wants, what is troubling him and more. He is no longer afraid of water.  He now dives into the deep end of the pool and touches the bottom.  His detox water is very light for the whole first half hour.  This means that he is no longer releasing large amounts of heavy metals very quickly.  Therefore,… Continue reading

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