Common Detox Foot Bath Problems


Detox foot bath problems typically occur when the process is done incorrectly.  Fortunately, this means that detox foot bath problems can be easily remedied by understanding and addressing the cause.

Understanding Why Common Detox Problems Occur

The detox equipment causes the body to release toxins from their hiding placing into the blood, stomach and colon for up to 48 hours.  During the first hour the feet are in the equipment allowing the toxins to be removed from the body.  Everything comes out too tiny for you to see.  However, things that are the same begin to clump together Water flushes to prevent common detox problems.and get big enough for you to see (pictured above).  The body will continue releasing toxins once you remove your feet from the ionic detox foot bath’s water.  Therefore, you will be responsible for using your urine and feces to remove the toxins from your blood, stomach and colon for the remaining  47 hours.

What does this mean?  Drink lots of water and ensure at least three bowel movements a day during the the first few days after the process.  This will properly flush your system of the toxins being released.  If you do not properly flush your system, the common detox foot bath problems listed above may arise.  It really is just that simple.

This process also requires a lot of fuel.  Therefore, a good diet and supplements are needed.  Otherwise, detox foot bath problems will occur.  If you are experiencing detox foot bath issues and you are being told that the problems you are just “common detox symptoms”, seek a qualified detoxification specialist to perform your detox foot baths correctly.

Specific Detox Foot Bath Problems:

Pain, Burning in the Legs

Increased Blood Pressure, Irregular Heart Beat


“Detox” Symptoms

Flu-Like Symptoms


Solutions for Common Detox Foot Bath Problems

Nutrients for a Healthy Detox Foot Bath

Pictures of Final Detox Foot Bath Results

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