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What are Digestive Enzymes?

Think of enzymes as the body's scissors.Digestive enzymes are a group of proteins that the body uses to cut food into smaller pieces.  Thus, we like to think of digestive enzymes as the body’s food scissors.  We group and name digestive enzymes (proteins that cut)  for the things that they cut into smaller pieces.  Therefore, digestive enzymes are the enzymes that help us process our food by cutting the food you eat into small, tiny pieces.  For example, proteases will cut proteins and lipases will cut lipids (commonly called fats).

These digestive enzymes are produced in two places, the stomach and the pancreas. Digestive Organs The stomach enzymes are turned on by the acid that enters the stomach about one hour after you eat.  The pancreas releases its enzymes into the small intestines.   The gall bladder releases bile into the small intestines that turns off the stomach enzymes and turn on the enzymes released from the pancreas.  Together, these enzymes cut your food so small that you may need a microscope to see it!  Now, the food can cross into your blood stream and go to work revitalizing your body.

Destroying the Activity of Enzymes in Your Food

It is important to understand that your body needs the enzymes that are automatically in the food you eat.  This allows your body to properly break down your food.  Without the enzymes supplied by the actual food functioning to full capacity, your body cannot break down the food completely.  The food industry often passes radiation over the food to keep it looking appealing longer while it is in the grocery store.  Passing this radiation over the food destroys the enzyme activity which prevents your body from digesting the food completely.  Also, cooking your food to 107 degrees Fahrenheit destroys the enzyme activity.

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How do you ensure the activity of the enzymes in your food?

Though some foods must be cooked fully, fruits and vegetables are digested best when eaten raw.  Why?  Because this lets their own enzymes help with digesting them.  When eating fully cooked food it is very helpful to take an enzyme supplement to replace the enzymes.  It is also very helpful to take an enzyme supplement when eating food that has had radiation passed over it.   It is best to have a qualified health professional assist you with selecting the correct enzyme supplement for the foods that you tend to eat.
Caution: Radiation

How do you know if radiation has been passed over food?

Food companies can only add the label “USDA Certified Organic” if they grow and handle the food according to a certain set of rules.  One of those rules is that radiation cannot be passed over the food.  Therefore, purchasing food that is labelled “USDA Certified Organic” ensures that the enzymes have not been destroyed with radiation.  This means that the enzymes will be available to help digest your food.

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