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Why Do I Drink Everything But Water?

QuestionsBrain TransmissionsUnderstanding why you drink everything but water requires that you first understand how the signal for water is made in your brain.  Your body breaks down proteins into their building blocks called amino acids.  These amino acids enter your blood and make their way to your brain where they  get named for their function.  In the brain, these amino acids are called neurotransmitters because they are used by your brain to send signals like thirst.  In other words, these neurotransmitters are the messengers for the brain.  They are used to send the message of thirst among other messages. Once you can signal thirst properly, water will be so refreshing and taste so good.  You will find that you prefer water to most other drinks.

If you don’t have enough amino acids to act as the brain’s neurotransmitters, then you cannot signal thirst.  If you can’t signal thirst,  then you won’t crave or have an internal desire for water.  Typically, you won’t even like the way it taste.  Therefore, you may want to drink things that taste good and end up drinking everything but water.

Our Classic Example

A 25 year old Black male came to our facility.  He drank no water at all and did not want to discuss drinking water as he had no intentions to do so.  Instead, we spoke with him about increasing his protein level to increase his muscle mass.  That was a conversation he found to be quite delightful!  When he returned for his two-week checkup, he entered with a 10 ounce bottle of water.  He opened the bottle and chugged it!  Then, he turned and said, ” I don’t know what has happened to me, but I can’t get enough water.”


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