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What is Hospice Care?

Dame Cicely SaundersDame Cicely Saunders doing hospiceHospice care, according to Dame Cicely Saunders, is specialized care for dying patients.  The term “hospice care” was first used in 1967 at St. Christopher’s Hospice in London.  The American Cancer Society says that hospice care “accepts death” and “manages symptoms so that a person’s last days may be spent with dignity and quality, surrounded by their loved ones.  Hospice gives you palliative care”.  That is to say, once in hospice care, there is no attempt to try to cure the disease or help you heal or improve your condition.

In other words, they help you die pain-free.


What is the Goal of Hospice Care?

Female laying in hospice bed enjoying her last days.The goal of hospice care is to help patients live their LAST days as alert and pain-free as possible since death has been accepted as coming quickly (6 months or less)…per the American Cancer Society.  This is great for a person who no longer has the ability to heal.  We applaud these efforts when there truly are no other options.

Unfortunately, it is our opinion that hospice care is suggested by the traditional healthcare system prematurely.  Since members of the traditional healthcare system have been taught to discredit the efficacy of alternative health,Time to Heal they do not offer it as a viable option.  In fact, most will suggest you agree to let them help you die without ever suggesting that it might be time to use our services to heal.  In fact, they may even try to convince you to believe that it is a waste of time and money to try to utilize the time available to heal.  This truly  is not good for a person who still wants to live.  Many who were told they had no options that would allow them to live decided to come enlist our services to try to address the root causes and heal their bodies.  In most cases, their bodies healed beautifully!  It doesn’t hurt to try!


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Once You Enter Hospice Care, Can You Leave It?


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