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Menorrhagia: How Long Does a Period Last?

Female Experiencing Menstrual CrampsMenorrhagia in the form of a prolonged menstrual cycle is a period (or menses) that last longer than three days.  Yes, a normal menstrual cycle should be ONLY 3 days long.  Typically, you should spot one day, bleed the next and spot the last day.  If your  menstrual cycle is more than 3 days long, there may be a problem.  Your body uses B vitamins to turn off your menstrual cycle’s  flow of blood. Without the proper balance and amount of B vitamins, your body may be unable to turn off your flow of blood on the third day.  This will lead to a menstrual cycle that can be 4 to 5 days long.  In some individuals, it has lead to menstrual cycles lasting for months!  Starting the right program of B vitamins can stop the bleeding withing two hours.  It really is just that simple.


How to Stop Menorrhagia: B Vitamins

Stop this form of menorrhagia by adding the needed B vitamins to turn off the flow of blood on the third day.   Eat extra B vitamin rich foods like salmon, broccoli, bell peppers and whole grains.  It may serve you well to take a B vitamin supplement also.  You may want to try one of the 3 that we recommend since taking a B vitamin supplement that does not respect the way the B vitamins are found in food can cause your menstrual flow to be LONGER than it should be.  We recommend Herbal Healer’s B 100 which can be purchased at online or at our healthcare center.  New Sun’s B Complex and Shaklee’s B Complex are also very good.  New Sun will sell to you directly through the internet.  Shaklee’s B Complex can be purchased through your local Shaklee distributor though it cost significantly more. 

Take two of the B- vitamins with one good multivitamin from the same company.  Wait two hours.  If you are still bleeding, you may want to call our center for a consultation for further instructions.

Another thing to consider in the condition of your intestinal flora. Why?  Because the intestinal flora produces the majority of your daily supply of B vitamins.  The intestinal flora can be replaced and/or strengthened by taking a good probiotic supplement with at least four ounces of yogurt each day.  Once the intestinal flora has been restored, your bowel movements will become loose.  At that time, begin taking the probiotic once a week to support your intestinal flora.  Continue this for six months.

Menorrhagia and Stress

Stop menorrhagia by decreasing your stress level.  Could it be that easy?  Absolutely.  Stress can drastically increase the rate that you use B vitamins.  Therefore,  stress can use up your B vitamins not leaving you enough to turn off your menstrual cycle on the third day.  If lowering your stress level is not an option, then increasing the B vitamin rich food mentioned above and/or taking a B vitamin supplement may help.

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