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Making AppointmentsThere are many types of appointments offered at Optimum Health.  You can decide to start by letting us assess your situation.  Further, we can let you know just what you can do to push yourself as close to your optimum health status as possible.  We call this appointment the primary wellness consultation. Or, you can choose to have an appointment for a specific issue or service as shown below.


Primary Wellness Consultation: The Suggested Starting Point

Ayana giving Denise her forms.  Detox just starting, water is still clean. Blue Iris with Iridiology Markings Iridology, looking into the possibilities!

The goal of this appointment is to gain a deep understanding of what your body needs in order to push itself towards optimum health.  You will have:

If the total body detoxification produces an excessive amount of metal, we will recommend a hair analysis (additional $200).  The hair analysis will help assess your levels of arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, and uranium.  Then, we can use he results to guide us and keep you safe while you are releasing these highly toxic substances.

Our File Your FolderWe will use the results from all test to develop a Recipe for Health designed specifically for your body.  We will go over all of the results and the Recipe for Health with you.  This will let you know if you need to adjust your supplemental routine, see a chiropractor, or possibly see your primary care physician

This is a wonderful way to have the proper guidance as you take care of yourself naturally!

Please allow a minimum of three hours for this appointment.  The fee will be $250 for the first three hours and an additional $100 for each hour thereafter.  You can schedule your appointment once you have paid the first $100 of the fee as a deposit.  The deposit is non-refundable.


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Appointments for Nutritional Assessments:

Ayana giving Denise her forms.  Our File Your Folder  Aldi - organic fresh foods  Optimum You Protein Drink

You will fill out a form that ask you many questions about your diet, nutritional deficiency symptoms and toxic exposures.  Then, our natural health practitioner will review the form and ask questions to further determine the extent of your nutritional deficiencies.  If needed or requested by you, you may have:

  • A sample round of supplements (included at no additional fee).
  • Hair analysis if heavy metal toxicity or mineral issues are suspected ($200).

Since 6 of the top ten killer diseases are nutritional deficiency diseases, this is a good way to push yourself towards optimum health naturally!

Please allow one hour for this appointment. The fee will be $100.


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Appointments for Total Body Detoxification:

Ayana giving Denise her forms.  Detox just starting, water is still clean.  Detox Equipment  Detox Results - Kidneys and Gall Bladder

During your total body detoxification, you will place your feet in our warm water and let the medical equipment unlock your cells while you relax.  After your cells have released their toxins, our medical equipment will remove the toxins from your blood through the pores of your feet.  The results will be explained to you.  You will receive suggestions on how to work in harmony with your body’s cleansing process.

If needed or requested by you, you may have:

  • You can have your detox water tested for mercury and or lead ($25 each).
  • Hair analysis if there is a lot of metal in your detox water ($200).

Please allow an hour and a half for this appointment.   The fee will be $100.


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Follow Ups:

Instructor Teaching  Our File Your Folder

This is an appointment with our natural health practitioner.   She will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, review your progress with you and make recommendations to help you continue on your path to your optimum health status.

Please allow at least 30 minutes for this appointment.  The fee will be $100.


Consultation for  a Specific Issue:

Iridology, looking into the possibilities!  Instructor Teaching

This is an appointment with our natural health practitioner.   She will listen to your concerns on a particular are of your health, answer your questions, and make recommendations to help you heal in this area.  Please keep in mind that the various parts of the body work together.  Therefore, restricting your concern to a single are of the body may not be the most productive approach.  The initial consultation mentioned above is usually the better approach for assisting your body with healing.

If needed or requested by you, you may:

  • Have a hair analysis if there is a lot of metal in your detox water ($200).
  • Be referred to other practitioners for additional services (fees will be determined by each practitioner).

Please allow one hour for this appointment.  The fee will be $100.

(All fees on this page are subject to change without notice.  It may take a while to update the fees on this page.)

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