Why We Over Eat #2: To Store Toxins

  We now live in a world where every single day we are bombarded with toxins such as:  mercury from dental fillings  arsenic from rice  aluminum from deodorant, green tea and aluminum foil  nicotine from inhaled cigarette smoke preservatives and pesticides in food These are toxins that we were never intended to be exposed to so our bodies don’t know how to get rid of them. You began absorbing and storing some of these toxins… Continue reading

Bad Food Choice #3: Most Restaurant Food

Bad food choice #3 deals with most restaurant foods.  Over 100 years ago, there were very few meals eaten in restaurants. We ate home cooked meals from food that was grown locally in soil full of nutrients, thereby causing the food to be rich in nutrients also. Today, many people eat EVERY meal from a restaurant that has no concern for nutrients. The restaurant’s concern is for appearance, taste and texture because those are the… Continue reading

Bad Food Choice #2: Low Nutrient Foods

FOODS WITH LITTLE TO NO NUTRIENTS When your body signals hunger, it is asking for two things: CALORIES & NUTRIENTS. After a bad food choice your body will sample your blood to see if the nutrient levels have increased. If the nutrient levels are still low, then your body will send more signals requesting that you eat nutrient rich foods. Unfortunately, over weight people tend to ignore the nutrient part of the signal and just… Continue reading

Bad Food Choice #1: High Sugar with Low Fiber

HIGH SUGAR WITH LOW FIBER RELEASES INSULIN If you take a close look at the way food naturally exist, you will find that most foods with a lot of sugar also have a lot of fiber. The fiber holds onto the sugar and causes it to be slowly released. When you remove the fiber and just eat the sugar, the sugar rushes to your blood stream all at once raising your blood sugar level too… Continue reading

Why Do We Gain Weight?

We gain weight when we eat more calories than we burn. Plain and simple. But why would you consistently eat more than you burn even when it isn’t healthy for you? This is the hard question to ask. Really take the time to think about this one. WHY DO YOU THINK YOU OVER EAT WHEN YOU KNOW IT IS HURTING YOU…DESTROYING YOUR BODY…KILLING YOU SLOWLY? After thinking about it, post your thoughts below. It will… Continue reading

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