Bad Food Choice #1: High Sugar with Low Fiber


If you take a close look at the way food naturally exist, you will find that most foods with a lot of sugar also have a lot of fiber. The fiber holds onto the sugar and causes it to be slowly released. When you remove the fiber and just eat the sugar, the sugar rushes to your blood stream all at once raising your blood sugar level too high. When the blood sugar level gets too high, the body releases insulin.

Most people think that the true job of insulin is to bring down the sugar level. WRONG! That is like saying that the true job of a mechanic is to change tires. Yes, that is a part of it, but such a little part of it. The true job of insulin is to put your body into fat storage mode. To accomplish this, the insulin will make changes at your thyroid gland, liver and male and female private body parts to keep you still so you won’t keep using up the energy you have told your body to store as fat.  The more you sit still, the more weight you gain.

How do you prevent this?  Only eat high sugar foods if you have the fiber present naturally or because you added it back into the food.

Bad Food Choice #2: Low Nutrient Foods

Bad Food Choice #3: Most Restaurant Food

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