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Natural Health Practitioner: Tianya Clark

Tianya S. Santerre, B.S., CNHP
Natural Health Practitioner
Emotional Liberation Therapist
Autism Specialist, Autism Advocate


Notre Dame College, St. Paul’s CollegeMedical College of Virginia, Trinity (Formerly Certified Natural Health Professionals), International Open Academy
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I  have been in the health arena for over three decades. At Optimum Health, I have stayed on the cutting edge of healing by applying medical knowledge and research skills to the field of natural health and nutrition.

Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP on College

College introduced me to what went on inside the human body and research. Peering into the life of cells and how they respond to various situations and chemicals was very satisfying.  Presenting my work at a NIH conference was very fulfilling.  Later finding out that my research notebook had been on display as the proper way to document research for two decades was empowering.

Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP on Medical School

When in medical school I had the opportunity to deepen my understanding of the human anatomy, microbiology and biochemistry which became the backbone of my thinking.  Unfortunately, simply managing illness rather than eliminating it was not fulfilling.  After leaving medical school, I spent decades cross referencing traditional healthcare philosophies with natural healthcare philosophies.  I only accepted as fact what the two philosophies agreed upon.  This has truly fleshed out my thinking in a way that is very unique.

Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP on CNHP Certification

Natural Health Practitioner performing iridology examThe CNHP certification program was fascinating! It gave me a chance to view the human body from the perspective of the experts in the field of natural, holistic health.  It also introduced me to many new modalities.  What was most amazing was iridology.  Learning to peer into a person’s eyes and understand the genetic possibilities as well as the possible damage they may have caused with their life style choices was unbelievable.  However, to get a 100% correlation with their physician’s diagnosis quickly reassured me that this was a true science that I could use to guide my clients to life style choices that would encourage health.  Assisting in accord with the CNHP training was effective and very fulfilling!

Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP on International Open Academy and Autism

I began working with autistic individuals quite by accident when the father of an autistic child asked me to use my process on his son.  I really didn’t think it would work.  He asked me to help him eliminate the possibility.  How could I refuse such a request?  I learned a lot from the autistic children and their parents as I worked with them.  However, I felt inadequate when it was time to explain to the parents what was really  happening to their child.  I decided it was time to get some formal training.   I didn’t want a course that taught the use of medicines or therapies that only aimed to manage the situation with band-aid treatments.  I wanted training that would help me understand what was going on inside the autistic person’s mind so that I could help the parents navigate it as it changed and began to function more and more normally.  The international Open Academy’s training on Autism Awareness gave me exactly what I was hoping for.  It gave me the Theory of Mind concept which was a beautiful way to explain the cause of what I was seeing in the autistic children’s behavior.  It also gave the phrase “developmental remnants” for all of the “terrible twos” characteristics that I saw in the autistic individuals of all ages.  This training allowed me to be much more effective in helping the parents understand what they had been seeing for years with their children.  With understanding came a new level of hope as they persisted with our autism recovery program!

Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP on Results with Assisting People

I am thrilled to be able to take what I have learned and continue to help people return their bodies to vibrant states of optimum health.  After examining one of my clients, a physician was surprised and said, “Wow!  Never before in the history of recorded medicine has diabetic neuropathy been reversed.”  Yet, after 12 years of having no feeling in her lower legs, feet and hands, this client was able to feel a piece of cotton rubbed on the skin of her hands and feet.

After two months on our program, a client’s doctor noted that he no longer needed kidney dialysis.  The doctor said that his kidneys were, “working beautifully for his age”!

After four months on our program, an oncologist was surprised that the client had not died yet and was sure that the cancer had to still be present.  He had a special test performed to find the cancer that had just totally destroyed one of her lungs and thoroughly ravaged the other.    Much to his surprise, the most sensitive of test came back “negative for cancer” three times!  This client was still alive and “negative for cancer” nearly two years later.  Another person diagnosed with cancer that decided to enlist our help was said to be “negative for cancer” in just six months.  What was especially interesting to her physicians was that her monoclonal cell spike that had been present for ten years prior to her developing cancer was gone!

A client’s body reversed the neuropathy, palsy and paralysis of his foot.  When his podiatrist released him from his care, he told him, “Every time I drive pass the Optimum Health building, I wonder what she is doing in there to get such amazing results.”

In 2015 we began working with autistic individuals.  One child broke records in her school system when she received federal funding on the basis of academic improvement at the age of 5.  Other autistic children begin speaking, hugging and interacting with their families and much more.  One father laughed as he said, “I couldn’t get mad at my son because what he did was so neurotypical!  After a decade of trying to keep everything the same, we are now struggling to keep up with how quickly he is progressing.”

 What We Do at Optimum Health

With a little determination, removal of damaging toxins and listening to your body’s specific request to ensure that you have all nutrients needed, the body can usually heal itself and be vibrant. Not only will it heal itself of most conditions on the inside, it will also begin to have the beautiful glow of optimum health on the outside.

Don’t deal with health situations alone or accept the opinion of health professionals that don’t offer the possibility of a full return to health naturally.   Give us the opportunity to give you our opinion, and become your ally as you consider all your options on your journey back to your optimum health status!

It truly is my pleasure to help you look and feel good again!

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Gloria M. Campbell, M.D.

Gloria M. Campbell, M.D.

During my years of being a client I saw ailments consistently eliminated instead of being chronically managed with medication. In other words, at Optimum Health, health was truly being optimized and in very many cases, restored. Given that highly attractive model, I joined the Optimum Health team in 2016 to learn about their methods for patient assessment and treatments. It has been an eye-opener. I value the opportunity this gives me for helping people attain health.  My work here has crossed over into my work with medical missionaries, another venture that is close to my heart.  I am excited about my participation in Optimum Health’s research division and strive to study the science, collect the data, and ultimately present evidence-based treatments to colleagues of both conventional and complementary medicine.


For all your healthcare needs Amber Terrell, MSW
Certified Health Kinesiologist

Education: Master of Social Work

I have taken many classesAmber Terrell, MS and assisted clients for nearly a decade.  I listen to your body and help it correct its energy flow.  It really is just that simple.  Once the energy is flowing correctly, your body can utilize the nutrients in its micro-environment to heal in ways you never imagined possible.  If you have a specific issue that you would like to have addressed, just let me know and I will check to see if your body will allow us to deal with it immediately or wait while it deals with more pressing matters.

I look forward to assisting you soon.


Ayana J. Clark, CNHP

Ayana J. Clark, CDS
Certified Detoxification Specialist

Education: Detoxification Certification from Optimum Health.

I wear many hats at Optimum Health.  I was the detoxification specialist Assistant from 2009 to 2013.  During that time I tended the front desk and assisted our natural health practitioner.  In June of 2013, I completed my certification and now serve as a certified detoxification specialist.  I am fully capable of operating our equipment and explaining how it works.

I will strive to answer all ofAyana Assisting A Client your questions, and make sure that your time at Optimum Health is pleasant and educational.  And, yes, you may still see me scheduling your appointments and helping you select products to take home.
During my many years at Optimum Health,  I have grown close to many of our clients and hope to get to know many more.  I enjoy welcoming each and every new person into our Optimum Health family of clients.

Most recently, I have had the chance to work with autistic children.  This has been very rewording.  They come in unable to speak to me.  Eventually, my heart melts as I hear them call me by my nickname, “Miss Mia”.  We play games.  At some point,  disciplining them becomes a necessity.  I always follow it with lots of love.  Watching them turn into neurotypical children is most rewarding.

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Staff Member: Vanessa Butler, CDS Certified Detoxification Specialist

Vanessa Butler. CDS with a clientEducation: Detoxification Certification from Optimum Health
I came to Optimum Health as a client.  My health and energy level improved immediately and so did my father’s.  Since I love helping people get better, I began telling everyone I know about Optimum Health.  Finally, I decided I wanted to become a part of the team so I coulddetox with foot massage do what I love doing…helping people get better.

In June of 2013, I completed my certification and now serve as a certified detoxification specialist.  I work in the detox center at Optimum Health as well as in my own facility in Heathesville, Virginia.  Whether you see me at Optimum Health or at my own facility, it will be my goal to ensure that you have a pleasant visit every time you come to us for help healing!


Barbara Tarrer, MITStaff Member: Barbara Tarrer, MIT

Administrative Specialist

I come to the natural health field by way of information technology.  I have had the pleasure of watching people enter our facility tired, diseased and ready to give up only to bounce back to vibrant states of optimum health.  It has been my honor and privilege to assist each and every one of our Optimum Health Family members.



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Our goal is to help your body heal allowing vibrant, optimum health to be attained  and diseases eliminated instead of managed.  Optimum Health teams with physicians who share this ideal for research.  However we do not have any physicians as staff  members.  If you prefer to manage and treat your diseases, we suggest that you see a physician.

Medical emergencies require urgent care that is not offered at Optimum Health.  If you think you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911.

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