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Grave’s Disease Testimonial

Graves Disease, Althea S.Grave’s Disease: Althea S, Roanoke, VA

The doctor diagnosed me with Grave’s Disease and, eventually, wanted to kill my thyroid gland.  After thinking long and hard, I decided to do the program that Optimum Health recommended.  Optimum Health worked very closely with me, monitoring my health for months.  Initially I took 4 Thyroid Health 3 times a day.  That was not enough so I had to take more. I also had to try to eliminate sugar, carbohydrates and soda from my diet. I also had to increase my water and eat as much broccoli as possible as broccoli helps slow down thyroid activity. 

Once on the right amount of Thyroid Health I began to have immediate results. My goiter decreased 4 inches in four days. Within two months I could walk up stairs and maintain a normal heart rate. After about six months I  spoke at a normal rate and the doctor said my goiter had completely disappeared as was confirmed by an MRI.

Two years later, I am glad to say that my doctor says that all of my thyroid hormones continue to be normal and that there is no sign of the Grave’s Disease.

I just want to say, “Thank You” to Optimum Health for recommending exactly what I needed. Also, I want to say “Thank You” to New Sun for making such wonderful products. I tell everyone I can about the quality of your products, your generosity and most sincere desire to help people with their  health.


Grave’s Disease, 6 Year Update: Althea S.

Althea’s diagnosis of graves disease continues to be an irrelevant factor in her life.  Five years after her physician told her there was no sign of graves disease, she continues to do exceptionally well with no symptoms of thyroid issues.  Though asymptomatic, her physician did finally indicated that her thyroid hormone numbers were beginning to increase again.  The physician suggested that she call Optimum Health and find out what she needed to do.  Althea called, did as was suggested for a short period of time and her numbers went down to normal once again.

Althea continues to be grateful.  She calls from all over the country with someone on the phone with her that she is trying to convince to come to Optimum Health for help with healing their body.  Althea has sent about 20 referrals from many cities.  We at Optimum Health are extremely thankful for how grateful she is for he current state of health!

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