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Insomnia: Sleepless Nights? Can’t Sleep?

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Are you experiencing insomnia?  Sleepless nights?

End your insomnia today with natural remedies for sleepless nights!

Did you know that your body uses calcium to start the sleep process?  This means that a calcium deficiency could cause you to have trouble falling asleep.  Actually, a calcium deficiency can also cause you to have trouble staying asleep all during the night.

People are bypassing calcium’s role in sleep by taking melatonin.  NOT GOOD!  Yes, taking melatonin supplements will help you sleep.  However, your body can supply all the melatonin you need as long as you have the nutrients needed to make and release it.  Doesn’t it make more sense to supply protein to make the melatonin and calcium to release the melatonin and sleep like a baby while your body uses these same nutrients to do many other things while you sleep? Respect the fact that your body uses calcium to start and maintain the flow of melatonin so you can sleep deeply.

Insomnia and Heavy Metals

Your body uses calcium to coat (buffer) the metal in an attempt to make them safer for your body.  The more metals you have stored, the more calcium will be needed.  If you do not add extra calcium for this process, your body will take you calcium needed for sleep and use it for the metals.  This will lead to insomnia!

Insomnia: Sleepless Nights Due To Adrenal Fatigue Ended

Excessive stress can cause adrenal fatigue which can lead to sleepless nights.  Sooth those adrenal glands and wonderful nights full of deep sleep can begin.

Insomnia Ended By Getting Grounded

Getting grounded to end sleepless nights may seem like a strange idea.  But it works.  You will sleep deeply once you are connected to the earth. This will also correct your flow of cortisol during the night.  You will get some of the best sleep you have ever had and wake feeling fully energized the next morning.

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