Insomnia & Decreased Melatonin Levels

trouble sleepingInsomnia caused by decreased melatonin levels can be corrected quite easily leading to a restful night’s sleep.  To get a handle on this, let’s learn more about melatonin and how your body processes it with respect to a good night’s sleep.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a type of protein belonging to the hormone family of proteins.   It is released from the pineal gland in the brain and puts you to sleep very quickly.  As this knowledge spreads, it is becoming very popular for people to take it to help with sleep.  But is this addressing the problem or just putting a band-aid on the matter!  Hopefully, it is obvious that taking melatonin does not address the problem.  Let’s take a closer look.

Insomnia Due to Decreased Melatonin

Since your body can make all of the melatonin needed for a full night’s sleep every night, there is no need to take it as a supplement.  So the question becomes, “Why aren’t you making and releasing the melatonin so desperately need for sleep”.  Or, better yet, what causes the release of all of the melatonin your body makes each day?

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Why aren’t you making enough?

Since melatonin is a type of protein, you will only be able to make enough if you have enough of the raw materials needed to make protein.  So you have to make sure you are taking in enough protein for your body to break down into amino acids and rebuild as melatonin for sleep.

Since Adrenal Fatigue makes you very alert, it would make sense that Adrenal Fatigue could keep you from producing the melatonin needed for sleep.  Consider the possibility of Adrenal Fatigue with a qualified health professional.

Do you have questions?

Why aren’t you releasing the melatonin your body made?

The answer is calcium.  Calcium is what causes the release of the melatonin.  Why?  We think it is because your body wants to make sure you have plenty of calcium needed to repair your bones while you sleep before allowing you to go to sleep.  So if you have a calcium deficiency, you cannot release all of the melatonin your body makes each night.

We have forgotten how to listen to our body and know what it is asking for.  If you have a calcium deficiency, the body will ask for calcium by not allowing you to sleep until you give it the calcium it is asking for.  Is the answer to take melatonin and not address the problem of having a calcium deficiency?  No.


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