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Optimum Health Staff MembersFather and son in need of help.

You can help us help others.  Optimum Health, Natural Healthcare Center is a place that assist a lot of people.  We have assisted people heal when they have been diagnosed with lupus, COPD and kidney failure. We help you get your life back when diagnosed with neuropathy, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autism and more.

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover what we do.  Therefore, people have to pay from their own money which makes it hard to afford our services.  Think of how desperate a father has to be to raise his child to you and say, “Look into his eyes and tell him you will not help him.”  Now, think of how badly it hurts to look that child in the eyes and tell that father and child that you just can’t help.  Why?  Because no one has the money to pay for the services.

Yes, we do keep some appointments for people who cannot afford to pay.  But our business would close if we accepted too many clients like this.  We need money from our clients and people like you in order to pay the bills essential to running our center.  Without this help, we just can’t keep our center open.

Help Us Help Others

A mother kissing her child's cheek.Just  $5 or any amount you are able to give could let us assist another child with autism become an independent learner and look forward to a productive future.  It can let us help another single parent mother get strong enough to take care of her child.  Your spare change can let us assist another person that is laying in their bed wishing they were dead just so the nightmare would end.  Look at what some of these people have to say .


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