Why We Overeat #2: To Store Toxins

  Overeating can be a response to the toxic world that we now live in.  Every single day we are bombarded with toxins such as: mercury from dental fillings, seafood and factories arsenic from rice and quinoa aluminum from deodorant, green tea and aluminum foil nicotine from inhaled cigarette smoke preservatives and pesticides in food These are toxins that we were never intended to be exposed to so our bodies don’t know how to get… Continue reading

Breathe Through Your Nose, Keep Your Mouth Closed

Why should you breathe through your nose and not your mouth? Because there are hairs in your nose to filter the air and prevent many pollutants form entering your lungs. This filtering does not occur when you breathe through your mouth. Thus you allow harmful pollutants into your lungs increasing the stress on the lungs and increasing your chance for lung issues/infections.   Other Popular Topics: Optimum Health’s Concept of Healing Primary Wellness Consultations Total… Continue reading

Take a Deep Breath

WHY SHOULD YOU TAKE A DEEP BREATH? Because it empties your lungs completely. This is one of the main ways your body releases unwanted acid to stay neutral and fully armed to defend you and keep you healthy.  It is also necessary to get enough oxygen when running long distances. SO, HOW DO YOU MAKE SURE YOU ARE BREATHING DEEPLY? Your naval area should go out when you inhale (the diaphragm is coming down to… Continue reading

Fibrosis of the Lungs

Fibrosis of the lungs is what Niesha W. was diagnosed with when she came Optimum Health.     The fibrosis of the lungs caused her to have pulmonary hypertension.  Nieshsa indicated that her conditions are so severe that the doctors said that her lungs were not able to heal and that she would die is she did not get a lung transplant as soon as possible.  This scared Niesha as she did not believe she would live through… Continue reading

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