Why We Over Eat #2: To Store Toxins

toxin exposure


We now live in a world where every single day we are bombarded with toxins such as:

  •  mercury from dental fillings
  •  arsenic from rice
  •  aluminum from deodorant, green tea and aluminum foil
  •  nicotine from inhaled cigarette smoke
  • preservatives and pesticides in food

These are toxins that we were never intended to be exposed to so our bodies don’t know how to get rid of them. You began absorbing and storing some of these toxins while you were in your mother’s womb and will continue to absorb and store then until the day you die.

If you have “silver” fillings, you swallow mercury in your saliva every day. It takes 25 years for your body to get rid of half of the mercury swallowed in one day. In other words, one hundred years later, you still will not have gotten rid of all of the mercury from the first day the fillings were put in your mouth.  As a result, you have to store the mercury.

If you smoke, your inhale cadmium and nicotine with each puff.  You body does not know how to get rid of the nicotine.  Therefore, the nicotine will be stored in your lungs and other places until the day you die.  You body will require more nutrients (especially protein and minerals) to handle the cadmium and nicotine.  

The toxins are stored in places like your bone marrow, heart, brain, joints, hair and fat cells.  In the case of fat storage, you body will make you over eat in order to make the extra fat to store the mercury and other toxins.  To accomplish this, your body has to put you in what we call “fat storage mode”.  In this case, your body is trying to extend your life by choosing the lesser of two evils (obesity or immediate death).

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