Bad Food Choice #3: Most Restaurant Food

your body your choice

Bad food choice #3 deals with most restaurant foods.  Over 100 years ago, there were very few meals eaten in restaurants. We ate home cooked meals from food that was grown locally in soil full of nutrients, thereby causing the food to be rich in nutrients also. Today, many people eat EVERY meal from a restaurant that has no concern for nutrients. The restaurant’s concern is for appearance, taste and texture because those are the things that will cause you to like the food enough to pay high prices and keep coming. So, we now have people filling up on food that has no nutritious value for EVERY single meal.  As a result, the body will keep requesting more and more food hoping that you will finally give it the nutrients it has been asking for.  Satisfy your body.  Give it the food it truly needs and it will stop asking you to eat more!


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