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Optimum Health, Natural Healthcare Center, is your primary care for natural healthcare. We are fully committed to assisting clients nationwide in attaining their optimum health status as naturally as possible. For instance, we give you the personal touch as we help you strive for optimum health.  Become a part of the Optimum Health Family and we become a big part of your healthcare team.  We will also strive to understand your issues to address their causes.  Along the way, we will utilize traditional, homeopathic, alternative, complimentary and natural methods.  The natural methods may include wellness consultations, kinesiology, emotional release therapy, quality supplements and the elimination of toxins with total body cleanses.

What is more, we encourage the use of the traditional health system for testing, imaging and diagnosing.  In fact, this is very helpful as it guides us in what we do at our center.  As such, all of our clients continue to see their physicians and other traditional medical staff.


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About Our Location

2507 Potomac Hunt Lane, Henrico/Richmond, Virginia 23233
Due to COVID, people were preferring virtual appointments.  As a result, we no longer needed our seven room facility.  Optimum Health now has a cozy office perfectly suited for virtual appointments and the few in-office appointments that are still desired.  When you arrive, please come to the top of the stairs and enter the door with our Optimum Health sign on it.  You will enter the warm and refreshing lobby and be seen in a private consultation room, or a cozy detox room.  Often, our clients get to know one another through conversing during their appointments.  They come to look forward to seeing each other at our location.

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