Telehealth Virtual Appointments

Telehealth Appointments

Telehealth virtual appointments have been accomplished at Optimum Health for over five years.  Yes, for over five years our specialists have given expert advice to people from many parts of the world using virtual appointments.  This means that we are seasoned at offering you natural primary care alternatives from highly qualified practitioners during this time of mandatory physical distancing! Telehealth: Online Virtual Appointments “If you are unable to get to our natural healthcare center, don’t worry.… Continue reading

Working Wonders with Autism Recovery: Meet Patrick


Working Wonders with Autism Recovery: Patrick’s Autism Journey Patrick begins his autism recovery journey healing his brain after being diagnosed with autism approximately 10 years ago.  In the following video, he gets his first dermal chelation.  Notice the changes he experiences immediately.   Patrick’ father has truly been one of is best advocates and it shows. Listen to how happy he becomes as he sees his child improving immediately. Yes, removing the heavy metals that can… Continue reading

How Detox Foot Baths Work


“I have been flying high for 2 weeks.  Then I realized it all started right after I cleansed with a detox foot bath.”  Alvin F., Richmond, Virginia   “I was on disability dealing with non-stop fibromyalgia pain for six years.  After my first detox foot bath, I didn’t have any pain for three weeks!”  B. Brown, Richmond, Virginia   How does a detox foot bath work? Optimum Health’s detox foot bath is an opportunity for you to… Continue reading

Why Aren’t Stem Cell Transplants More Effective?

Stem Cell Support

There are facilities that can yield up to 90% symptomatic improvement with autism.  But what does this mean?  The autistic person’s symptoms will improve at least a little for at least a short period of time.    This can be absolutely wonderful as it can mean that you might hear your child speak for the first time in many years.  Unfortunately, parents have come to us asking, “Why didn’t the improvements last for more than… Continue reading

What Causes Autism?

Autistic Child

What causes autism?  The facts are beginning to make it very obvious.  Researchers have published many papers indicating that arsenic and certain heavy metals are neurotoxins.  As such, these substances are widely accepted as toxic to the brain.   It has been proven that arsenic and heavy metals such as mercury cause mental issues identical to autism and Alzheimer’s. Believe the Research on Autism Causes! We at Optimum Health believe them! Why? Because of the fact… Continue reading

Coronavirus Survival

Coronavirus survival becomes more and more critical as each day passes. Strengthening your immune system is critical.  As long as your immune system is strong and your pH is close to neutral, the coronavirus sits dormant in your system while your immune system seeks it out and destroys it.  Your immune system will also  remember the coronavirus to be ready to protect you from it in the future.  It really is just that simple. Strengthening… Continue reading

Help Us Help Others

For over two decades now, we have had the pleasure of helping the people that come to  Optimum Health, Natural Healthcare Center heal and get better.  Unfortunately, as a small natural healthcare center, we cannot afford to absorb the expense of the care of people who cannot afford to pay for their services.  It is with this in mind that we ask you to please help us help others. We have helped people heal and get… Continue reading

Supplementation Is Essential

Vitamins and Supplements

Nutritional Supplementation is the addition of concentrated nutrients and other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect. In today’s world the typical diet has become nutritionless junk food that is eaten on the go.   Unfortunately, even the healthiest food choices are no longer packed with nutrients.   Therefore, for most people, supplementation becomes essential.  How do you know which nutrients need to be supplemented? This can be determined by a nutritional assessment.   Yes, these can be… Continue reading

Working Wonders with Autism: Meet Daniel

Daniel is Excited and Happy

  Autism Recovery: Daniel, USA Autism recovery is finally happening for Daniel! Physicians diagnosed him with autism when he was 2 years old. Even with constant coaching from his teacher, he lagged farther and farther behind only making it to second grade material at the age of 10.  For nearly a decade there was no autism recovery for Daniel. Daniel’s father, Kevin, became aware of the possibility that heavy metal toxicity could be causing his… Continue reading

Heavy Metal Toxicity Examples


Two Examples of Heavy Metal Toxicity Since heavy metals are literally heavy, gravity pulls them downward. Therefore, they tend to settle in your hand and feet. More tends to settle in your feet. The more you have settling, the higher up your arms and legs the settling will occur.  As the metal tends to irritate the skin from the inside, the rashes below are what we at Optimum Health have come to consider classic for… Continue reading

Ketones: Uniquely Efficient Metabolic Fuel


Ketones are an efficient metabolic fuel that is burned at very high rates in pregnant women and babies. Ketones are an efficient metabolic fuel because: Ketones help the brain produce new cells. Ketones help the brain function in the presence of low carbohydrates. Ketones can help eliminate diabetes. Ketones increase brain utilization of oxygen by 25% with increased cognitive abilities. For more on how ketones are better fuel for the body than carbohydrates, watch the… Continue reading

Healing From Paralysis

Paralyzed Hand

Healing From Paralysis The video on this page shows real healing from paralysis.  Actually, the client in the video had rigid paralysis for 5 years that caused her fingernails to dig into the palm of her hand.  Fortunately, she began moving in just 3 weeks of care at Optimum Health.  If you are experiencing paralysis, we ask you to come try our process as well.  See if it can help you.  Please pass this video on… Continue reading

Healing Burns

Burnt Hand Healing

The video on this page shows that severe burns can heal beautifully leaving normal, healthy looking skin.  In order to do so, your body needs vitamin C to stop the progression of the burn immediately.  Colloidal silver is needed to stimulate stem cell production.  Protein is also needed to allow fast healing and the production of the stem cells and any new tissue that may be needed. Other Popular Topics: Optimum Health’s Concept of Healing… Continue reading



For us, Dr. Melchert’s story starts with Dr. Tauer, D.C.  Dr. Tauer, D.C. was the preferred chiropractor for Optimum Health’s Family of clients for over a decade.  It was his skill set that got Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP out of her wheelchair and walking and running again.  Dr. Tauer, D.C. definitely knew what he was doing as was obvious by the fact that all of our clients loved his work and improved tremendously while under his care.… Continue reading


Your diet and your health: At Optimum Health we do not diagnose or treat disease.  Instead, we look for the root of the problem.  We check for symptoms of improper digestion, nutritional deficiency, and toxicity.  When you dig deep and find and correct these, you uproot many problems.   Problems like chronic fatigue simply disappear as the body is fully able to fuel movement.  Optimum Health gives your body the opportunity to remove excessive toxins and use high quality supplements… Continue reading