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Supplementation Is Essential

Supplementation Is Essential

Nutritional Supplementation is the addition of concentrated nutrients and other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect. In today’s world the typical diet has become nutritionless junk food that is eaten on the go.   Unfortunately, even the healthiest food choices are no longer packed with nutrients.   Therefore, for most people, supplementation becomes essential.  How do you know which nutrients need to be supplemented? This can be determined by a nutritional assessment.   Yes, these can be a valuable way to direct your supplementation.  An accurate nutritional assessment can guide you to your optimum health status much in the way directions, a map or GPS will guide you to your desired destination.  At Optimum Health we take the guess-work out of supplementation and steer you directly to your optimum health status!

Natural Health Practitioner Assessing and Consulting with a ClientDeveloping Your Path for Supplementation

Your path of supplementation is determined by a nutritional assessment developed at Optimum Health. We cross referenced two schools of thought. The first was the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine’s syllabi for biochemistry, physiology and anatomy courses.  And, the second was the alternative health’s understanding of symptoms experienced with nutritional deficiencies from many different educational sources.  In other words, we compared the medical understanding of the body with symptoms understood by alternative health.  Any understanding of alternative health that did not conform with medical science was dismissed as unreliable and possibly without factual basis. Whenever the two schools of thought agreed, we wrote it down.  This lead to an exceptional understanding of the symptoms of nutritional deficiency.

Food is medicine. Fill your prescription in the kitchen!An excellent example of this can be found in the heart.  Traditional health has established as fact that the heart uses calcium as a part of its conduction system.  This means that the heart uses calcium  much in the way a television uses electricity.  On the other hand, alternative health considers irregular heartbeats to be a symptom of a calcium deficiency.  Well, if your television did not get a enough electricity you would get an irregular appearance of images on your television screen.  This is an agreement between the two schools of thought.  Therefore, we wrote it down!  Next, we added all agreements between both schools of thought to create our nutritional assessment.  Then we made major adjustments to the nutritional assessment over the course of five years.  A few decades ago, we copyrighted the process.  Finally, we continue to make minor adjustments to incorporate new discoveries.

How Accurate is  Optimum Health’s Nutritional Assessment?

Very!  Yes, our nutritional assessment is extremely accurate.  It has detected the nutrients missing when the body allows diabetic neuropathy to develop.  As a result, we have been able to help the human body completely reverse every case of diabetic neuropathy that we have dealt with in the last 15 years.  Whether it is helping your body heal from a intimidating diagnosed disease or just feeling more vibrant, our nutritional assessment is your answer.

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