Telehealth Virtual Appointments

Telehealth Appointments

Telehealth virtual appointments have been accomplished at Optimum Health for nearly a decade.  Yes, our specialists have given expert advice to people from many parts of the world using virtual appointments.  This means that we are seasoned at offering you natural primary care alternatives from highly qualified practitioners!  (Fee: $150) Telehealth: Online Virtual Appointments “If you are unable to get to our natural healthcare center, don’t worry. We can use the video camera on your… Continue reading

Reviewers Speak

Reviews Are Priceless!

The Optimum Health Reviewers Speak Reviewers are beginning to notice our center.  We are thankful that they are liking what they see just as much as our clients do.  We look forward to many more wonderful reviews in the future! Review: Clair Norman (Natural Awakening Magazine) Optimum Health was given an honorable mention in the article “A New Year Can Bring a Healthier SMILE” by Clair Norman.  The honorable mention can be found in the January 2015 issue on… Continue reading

Tree of Dis-ease


The tree of dis-ease depicts a concept that addressed various issues that the body can experience.  First, let’s consider an actual tree.  If we want to allow the sun to shine through but a tree is blocking it, what would we do?  We could prune the tree to allow more sun to get through while preserving the tree.   Keep in mind that pruning has to be repeated to keep the desired effect. Or, we could… Continue reading

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