Beryllium Sources

Food Sources for Beryllium: Rice, lettuce, kidney beans, peas, potatoes Household Products with Beryllium: Ceiling tiles, fertilizers, detergents, charcoal, kitty litter, concrete block, concrete floors, metals, roofing materials Industrial Products with Beryllium: Cement, oil & oil dry, metals, sandpaper, abrasive blasting agents (used to replace sand), grinding wheels, welding rods Other Sources of Beryllium: Nuclear weapons, aerospace industry, fluorescent tube lights made before 1949, manufacturing of electronic devices, dental appliances, golf clubs, non-sparking tools, wheel… Continue reading

Uranium Sources

Mining, grinding, and milling of uranium ores, water near granite soil or fertilizer run off, Pennsylvania’s east coast has natural uranium deposits, use in nuclear reactors as fuel and to pack nuclear fuel rods and in the production of nuclear weapons, burning of uranium metal chips and smelting operations, use in the ceramics industry for pigments, coloring porcelain, painting on porcelain, and enameling, high energy x-rays, use as catalysts for many reactions, in gas manufacture,… Continue reading

Lead Sources

Foods: Canned foods and water if transported in lead pipes Other Sources: Vehicle emissions, lead-based paint, water pipes, lead-glazed pottery, toys, eyeliner and other cosmetics, air pollution, ammunition, contaminated soil, hair dyes, insecticides, pesticides, solder, and tobacco smoke. Mining and smelting of lead. Of 275 hazardous substances at toxic waste sites, Lead rankS number 2 for risks to people around those sites.   Other Popular Topics: Optimum Health’s Concept of Healing Primary Wellness Consultations Total… Continue reading

Arsenic Sources

Food: Milk, dairy products, beef, pork, poultry, seafood, rice and cereal Other Sources: Inorganic arsenic compounds as well as sodium and potassium arsenite and arsenate are found in insecticides, pesticides and herbicides as well as in metal and glass manufacturing. Arsinenic gas is produced with metal refining, galvanizing, etching, lead plating, and in the silicone microchip industry. Older decks and homes contain wood that was treated with arsenic. Hauling lumber more than 15 years ago… Continue reading

Mercury Sources

Foods: Shellfish, tap and well water, sea food such as whale, shark, swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish, and dolphin, Freshwater fish such as black bass, walleye, trout and pike   Other Sources: Amalgams (silver colored fillings in teeth), skin lightening creams, fabric softeners, adhesives, floor waxes/polishes, cosmetics, tattoos, hair dyes, vaccines, barometers, fungicides, insecticides, laxatives, paints, pesticides, thermometers, thermostats, vehicle emissions, and improper disposal of fluorescent lamps. Coal factories/plants (emit approximately half of atmospheric mercury), volcanoes… Continue reading

Cadmium Sources

Food: Shellfish and organ meats such as liver can be high in cadmium.   Other foods such as potatoes, rice, sunflower seeds, spinach and other leafy greens. Other Sources: Cadmium can be found in soils because insecticides, fungicides, sludge, and commercial fertilizers that use cadmium are used in agriculture. Therefore, this is a source of significant amounts of the metal from the soil and environment to enter food sources.  Cigarettes also contain cadmium. Lesser-known sources… Continue reading

Alert: Protein Drinks Contain Poisonous Heavy Metals

Consumer Report purchased 15 protein powders and drinks and tested multiple samples of each for arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. The results showed that all 15 protein drinks contain poisonous heavy metals in considerable amounts.  The levels in three products were of particular concern because consuming three servings a day could result in daily exposure to arsenic, cadmium, or lead that exceeds the limits proposed by USP. +++ Which Protein Drinks Contain Poisonous Heavy Metals?… Continue reading

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