Arsenic Sources

Sources of Toxins: Cigarettes, Factory Smoke, Fast Food Preservatives, Alcohol, Pesticides, Toxic GarbageFood: Milk, dairy products, beef, pork, poultry, seafood, rice and cereal

Other Sources: Inorganic arsenic compounds as well as sodium and potassium arsenite and arsenate are found in insecticides, pesticides and herbicides as well as in metal and glass manufacturing. Arsinenic gas is produced with metal refining, galvanizing, etching, lead plating, and in the silicone microchip industry. Older decks and homes contain wood that was treated with arsenic. Hauling lumber more than 15 years ago was a source as the lumber may have been treated with arsenic. Chickens are dusted with arsenic at some large farms, and trees are sprayed with it at some orchards. Vehicle emissions, smog, coal combustion, mining, prescription drugs, paints, wallpaper, ceramics and contaminated water and foods are usually sources for low-dose chronic poisoning. Arsenic can be found in wines, glues and pigments, tobacco smoke, laundry and detergent.

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