Autism Recovery: Meet Daniel

Recovering From Autism: DanielAutism recovery is finally happening for Daniel! He was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 years old. Even with constant coaching from his teacher, he lagged farther and farther behind.  In fact, at the age of 10, he had only made it to second grade material.  For nearly a decade there was no autism recovery for Daniel.
Daniel’s father, Kevin, became aware of the possibility that heavy metal toxicity could be causing his son’s problems.  Kevin began giving Daniel phytoplankton to help remove any heavy metals that may be present.  Daniel began to slowly improve.  Finally, slow and steady autism recovery began!

Kevin wanted to get a hair analysis to confirm the possibility of heavy metal toxicity, so, he brought Daniel to Optimum Health.   The hair analysis showed arsenic toxicity but no mercury.  This meant that Daniel did not have significant levels of methylmercury from fish, other types of seafood and etc.  Since elemental mercury from amalgams can’t show on a hair analysis because this form of mercury does not get stored in the hair, further investigation was required.  After Daniel’s first total body cleanse (a form of dermal chelation therapy), we tested the resulting detox water for mercury.  The water had extremely excessive amounts of mercury that had been removed from his little body.  Two days later, Daniel became very independent in his studies.  As a matter of fact, he got up that morning and logged onto the computer all by himself. Then he did his work and took it to his dad and said,

“Look dad, I just earned gold stars!”

After 4 total body cleanses to lower his mercury and arsenic levels, Daniel started teaching himself.  For instance, he was speeding through his course work. He is now able to vie with his brothers for conversations and attention in more age appropriate ways.   Also, Daniel stopped stimming most of the time.  Most beautiful of all, Daniel is making good eye contact and smiling again!

Autism Recovery: Other Autistic Children Assisted

Arrianna, 5 years old, USA

Arrianna began making eye contact with her parents after two weeks (2 detoxes).  By the fourth week (4 detoxes), she was talking again.  She learned the alphabets and the sounds the letters make.  In that same weekend, she began reading words. After four months of detoxing, a form of chelation therapy, she began interacting with people regularly.  At the seventh month (28 detoxes) she became an empathetic little girl with no symptoms of autism.

Arrianna started school as a normal child in normal classes with no assistance.  By the tenth month, her speech had become age appropriate leaving no indication that she was ever autistic.  Her first report card was good.  Her second report card was even better.  She had one grade that was the highest possible while the rest of the grades were the second highest possible!  Indeed, we are celebrating.

Gautham, 5 years old, India

Gautham began making eye contact by the end of the first month (8 detoxes).  He also became more cooperative in school.  By the end of the second month (16 detoxes), he began answering questions.  He even decreased his stimming by over 50%.   At the end of the third month (24 detoxes), he is regularly sitting with his class in school rather than playing on his own and being disruptive.  Also, he has stopped stimming completely.

After over 32 detoxes, G.D. speaks three languages, counts to 40 and answers who, what, when and where questions.  He no longer stims, paces, lines things up, screeches or fixates on things.  G.D. accepts change and transitions well from one task to the next.  He cooperates with his teachers and has begun to learn with his classmates in school.  Most impressively, he has learned to operate a cell phone.  He enters the password and  quickly accesses and plays age appropriate games.  His family is very pleased.

As previously stated, most of these changes occurred in the two months following the successful removal of the toxic heavy metals that were damaging and preventing his brain from healing.  At this time, the stem cells that our program stimulates were able to become new brain cells.  This allowed his brain to heal.

Gavin 5 years old, Kenya/Dubai

First week (2 detoxes), Gavin became calmer and began to use words to communicate instead of just parroting words. Then, last week, (4 detoxes), he is completely calm and began to feed himself and communicate with short sentences.

Samara 16 years old, USA

Samara’s mother had taken her to another facility that did not use our preferred equipment.     Yet, no results in Samara’s condition was noted.  Samara just came to our facility for her first detox.  Indeed, we used our equipment from the UK that has their class IIa medical approval.  During the appointment, the mother noticed all of the metal being released and commented that she didn’t see any of that with the other equipment.  The mother noticed how Samara calmed down as the procedure continued.  A few days after the appointment, the mother called to report on Samara’s progress.  She was so happy to see her daughter calm without any excited outburst since her detox.  She reported that Samara’s physician noticed a remarkable difference as well.  The physician actually requested information on the process.  Samara will be returning to continue with our services with the hopes of a full recovery.

Click here to read more about the benefits of our detoxes that we use to cleanse the entire body of the substances that can cause the symptoms of autism. If you would like for us to work with your son or any other autistic child that you may know, please call or email me for an appointment.

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