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Gavin’s Autism Recovery Progress

The following is taken from the conversation on youtube.  It allows people to follow Gavin’s autism recovery story from beginning to end.  We are hoping to add a video as soon as the parents are comfortable with releasing one.

Initial Contact from Sarah Ogola • May, 2018

After watching Daniel’s video, Gavin’s mother, Sarah Ogola, writes:
“Hi, where is the Optimum Health located? And at what age did you start the treatment for Daniel? My son is 5 yrs old and I need quick intervention…pls advise. Thank you for sharing Daniel’s story, it gave me lots of hope! God bless!”

Sarah Ogola

Optimum Health Natural Healthcare Center’s Response • July, 2018


Please know that I have been enjoying our conversations. As I indicated when we spoke, Optimum Health is located in Henrico, Virginia USA. Daniel is my client. We started treatment on him when he was 10 years old. I am glad to know that his story gave you hope. We truly appreciate your and your husband allowing Gavin’s story to be told here to add to the hope that Daniel’s story now brings to families everywhere.

We recognize that the parents of autistic children try so many things. We are truly hoping that they won’t give up until they try removing the heavy metals and increasing stem cell production once the brain has the heavy metals removed.  We ask that you and all the parents recognize that the same heavy metals that damaged the brain in the first place will damage the stem cells too. Therefore, increasing stem cells or doing a stem cell transplant may not help much if it is done before the heavy metals are removed.

As I also indicated when we spoke, I truly look forward to working with you and your family.
Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP (1-804-677-6061) (WhatsApp +1 804 6776061)

Optimum Health Natural Healthcare Center’s Update September, 2018


Thank you and your husband so much for deciding to come to our facility to have your son evaluated and assisted. I truly enjoyed working with the three of you and continue to look forward to our weekly Skype appointments. It is an honor and a privilege to watch your son take each step back to being a normal little boy who will get to grow into an awesome young man. Once again, I would like to commend you for being your son’s best ally.

Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP (1-804-677-6061) (WhatsApp +1 804 6776061)

Sarah Ogola • 4 months ago

Thank you for being a wonderful host to me and my family at Optimum Health! We are very grateful for your help and continuous support towards our son’s treatment. I am glad I made the right and timely decision to visit your treatment center in Richmond, Virginia all the way from Dubai! It was totally worth it, as we can already see the progress our son has made in just two months! His eye contact has improved, he’s more compliant and follows simple instructions. Only time will tell and I am hopeful he will start talking soon! Will definitely keep you posted on his progress here!

Thank you, Tianya!

Optimum Health Natural Healthcare Center’s Update December, 2018


It truly was and continues to be our pleasure to assist your family each week. Thank you for giving me permission to give a slightly more detailed assessment of your son here for others to read.

I would like to point out that your son is already very calm and happy. He has not had a tantrum or violent outburst since he started our program months ago. Last year, your son’s school called regularly requesting that someone come to get him because he had become too disruptive to remain in school. He has not been sent home a single time this school year! Instead, he is getting comments about how cooperative he is and how well he is participating in classroom activities.
Also, he no longer lines things up. Though he has begun to say a few words and phrases from time to time, were are definitely still waiting for him to start talking regularly and fluently. I must say that he actually spoke quite a bit at his appointment on November 9th. We were very surprised. However, he has returned to speaking very little. Either way, it is nice to see him making small steps forward each week.

As I have indicated, each child moves forward at their own pace. Some children have a relatively small amount of heavy metals in their brain. They are just very sensitive to it and that is why they display the symptoms of autism. Once these children start our program, they will progress very quickly. Other children have excessive amounts of heavy metals in their brain that finally overcame their strong constitution. When we assessed your son, we found that he had extremely high levels of heavy metals present. Therefore, your son’s brain can’t heal in huge jumps until his brain is no longer loaded with heavy metals. We will know that this has happened once the resulting detox water no longer has a thick black layer of heavy metals sitting on top of the water. We are excited that his last two detoxes did not have the thick black layer on top. Actually, the water was more brown than black. That is what enabled him to speak so much at the November 9th appointment. As the water continues to be more brown than black, we can expect him to begin making some huge jumps forward soon. This should include speaking regularly!

Again, thank you for trusting your son’s health to us.

Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP (1-804-677-6061) (WhatsApp +1 804 6776061)

Optimum Health Natural Healthcare Center • February, 2019


It has been three more months and your son still has not been sent home from school! His teacher called me to let me know that he is not the same child that he was last year. She volunteered to fax information weekly to help keep us informed! All of my staff members were pleased that the school was so impressed that they wanted to participate in his care!

He is talking much more. He sings songs a lot. He now plays games on his very own tablet! He has just begun to use words to communicate and make requests. Yes, his is definitely on his way!
Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP (1-804-677-6061) (WhatsApp +1 804 6776061)