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Reviewers are noticing Optimum Health!  In fact, we are thankful that they are liking what they see just as much as our clients do.  Read our honorable mention in Natural Awakenings Magazine.  Notably, Richmond Natural Beauty Examiner featured a whole article on our process that lets beauty begin on the inside.  Equally impressive is Urban Views Weekly’s article as they truly captured the essence and flavor of what we do.  Indeed, we are proud of the reviews we have so far and look forward to many more wonderful reviews in the future!

Reviewer: Clair Norman (Natural Awakening Magazine)

Optimum Health was given an honorable mention in the article “A New Year Can Bring a Healthier SMILE” by Clair Norman.  In fact, you can find the honorable mention in the January 2015 issue on page 16 and reads as follows:

Some individuals may be symptomatic from mercury exposure and require medical assistance before having the amalgams removed because further exposure can occur during the removal process.  According to Dr. Tom McGuire of Mercury Safe Dentists, “Testing for mercury is the only way to objectively determine if your body is eliminating higher than normal amounts of mercury.”  This process should be monitored and managed by a certified health professional; local natural health providers, such as Optimum Health, offer this service.  These professionals can make appropriate suggestions to assess and safely decrease mercury levels and help make amalgam removal minimally intrusive.


Reviewer: Kenyada Jones (Richmond Natural Beauty Examiner)

Kenyada Jones of the Urban Examiner came to Optimum Health for the Sip & Spa.  Actually, she found our center to be very impressive.  Therefore, she decided to schedule an initial consultation. Well, she was excited about what she learned and decided that others needed to know about our services. In view of this, she decided to write an article that starts as follows:

Optimum Health: Where beauty begins on the inside

Optimum Health, a natural healthcare facility in Richmond, Va., offers alternative health care practices ranging from nutritional consultations to detoxification. Owner, Ms. Tianya S. Clark, BS, CNHP (Certified Natural Health [Professional]), provides a wealth of education and information regarding your overall health…The experience is enlightening and telling.


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Reviewer: Camisha Jones (Urban Views Weekly)

Camisha Jones of the Urban Views Weekly came to Optimum Health for an appointment and was extremely impressed.  As a result, she wrote an article for her newspaper that truly captured the essence and flavor of what we try to do at Optimum Health. Read what she had to say and let us know what you think:

A sign sits on the front desk at Optimum Health, Natural Healthcare Center that reads, “We help your body heal itself. If you want to treat your diseases, please see a physician.”

Tianya Clark, Janice Bonner, Sabrina Walters and Angela Baker live that motto…When Tianya Clark first became aware of aqua detoxification, she thought, “Oh my goodness, if [this] is legit, this would actually be an answer to a prayer!” That day she learned how aqua detoxification draws out toxins in the body through the pores of the feet. She tried it for herself and recalls being able to run with her kids afterward. A Certified Natural Health Professional and owner of Optimum Health Natural Healthcare Center, Clark still marvels at how that first experience shifted her relationship with her kids from one in which they said “Mom, come WATCH me do this” to one where they now say “Mom, come DO this with me.”

Adding A New Service

Aqua detoxification was added to the initial assessment services at Optimum Health four years ago. In the detoxification process, clients put their feet in what looks like a foot bath. The water then changes color and/or consistency based on the toxins that are drawn out. Those changes as well as the information gathered through an iridology reading (a reading of the eyes), a nutritional assessment and a hair analysis guide the staff at Optimum Health in suggesting life changes and services to help their clients’ bodies heal. Some of Optimum Health success stories include clients with fibromyalgia reporting having little to no pain after their first visit and clients experiencing renal failure who have been told by their physicians they no longer need dialysis.


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Reviewer: Lisa R

I just wanted to say how well versed the articles on high blood pressure and hydration and cholesterol] were. It gave information that was easy to understand and directly to the point. Thank you!

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