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Why Aren’t Stem Cell Transplants More Effective?

Why Aren’t Stem Cell Transplants More Effective?

Immune & Stem Cell Support For EveryoneThere are facilities that can yield up to 90% symptomatic improvement with autism.  But what does this mean?  The autistic person’s symptoms will improve at least a little for at least a short period of time.    This can be absolutely wonderful as it can mean that you might hear your child speak for the first time in many years.  Unfortunately, parents have come to us asking, “Why didn’t the improvements last for more than just a few month?”  Or they have asked, “Why didn’t I see a bigger change in my child?”

The Effects of Toxicity on Stem Cell Transplants

Stem cell transplants can send stem cells into the brain to replace damaged brain cells.  Getting an influx of stem cells can truly help the brain recover from autism.  However, a excess toxins sitting in the brain can damage and even kill the stem cells shortly after their arrival.  This may cause any result from the stem cell transplant to dissipate quickly.  If the brain is toxic enough, it can totally prevent results from occurring.  In other words, if toxins in the brain destroyed the original brain cells, they will destroy the stem cells and new brain cells that they try to make.  Doesn’t that seem reasonable?

It is with this in mind that Optimum Health’s autism recovery program requires testing to determine the level of toxicity.  To date, 100% of the individual tested had toxins present that are known neurotoxins.  Neurotoxins damage brain cells.  Therefore, the neurotoxins are removed with dermal chelation.  Once the brain’s level of toxicity decreases low enough, the brain’s environment becomes a safe environment for the stem cells.


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