Cell - toxins locked in Dermal chelation removes toxins taken into phagocytic white blood cells.  These phagocytic white blood cells are known to phagocytize toxic heavy metals (THMs) in an attempt to keep the blood clean. ([1])  Both Pb and Cd increase phagocytic activity. ([2])

Once the cells are full, they lock as seen in the diagram to prevent the toxins from escaping while the cell tries to deliver the toxins to a new storage place such as the bone marrow, fat or muscles.

BLOOD_CELLS__BEFOREThe picture to the right is a picture taken from Aqua Detox’s research ([3])showing the toxins in the blood and in the blood cells as cloudiness when viewed with dark cell microscopy.    These toxins can consist of anything that a phagocytic cell would ingest.

Let the foot bath begin!The client places their feet into the equipment as seen to the left .  The equipment is turned on for 1 or more hours.  For optimal results, the array (the circular object between the client’s feet) can be changed every 30 minutes.  The DC system sends an electrical current at 2.1 amps into the water.  The current enters the person’s feet and passes throughout their body.

Cell - toxins leavingThe current will gently unlock the cells allowing the positively charged toxins locked inside to be able to leave the cell as seen to the left.  The fuller cells will release more toxins than the cells that barely have any toxins stored in them.  Then the cells will lock again.  The equipment will continue to gently unlock the cells throughout the process allowing the cells storing more toxins to continue to release the most toxins throughout the process.

As the current flows through the water in the foot tub to get to the client’s feet, it separates the oxygen and hydrogen from the water molecules appearing schematically as follows.

water equation

As the H2 gas leaves the water and enters the atmosphere, bubbles can be seen popping.  The 2O is magnetized by a magnet in the control panel acting on one of the wires running to the array that is between the feet.  The magnetized 2O is propelled away from the array increasing the concentration of magnetized 2O around the feet.  The soles of the feet contain many pores that will allow the magnetized 2O to enter.  Some of the oxygen entering the pores on the soles of the feet will make its way to the blood stream much in the way transdermal medicines enter the blood.

oxygen magnetized

Since the magnetized oxygen ions (2O) are negatively charged, they can bind with positively charged substances (X+) in the blood.  When the magnet in the control panel reverses its polarity and pulls the magnetized oxygen back out, anything bound to it gets a free ride out of the body. This is what allows the process to be selective and only remove positively charged substances.  The microscopic substances coming out of the body with the oxygen begin to clump together with like substances attracting like substances.  Eventually, the substances clumping together get big enough to be seen.

The fact that substance X+ can be any metal needing to be removed from the body allows this process to be called dermal chelation.  However, one must keep in mind that substance X+ can be anything that a phagocytic cell will ingest such as nicotine, by-products of medicines, phosphates etc.

orange ribbons with arrows            detox results - metal ribbons                   Control Detox, 5 Minutes

                 1a                                                                1b                                                                     1c

Typically, orange (Or) is the first color to be seen as in figure 9a and 9b.  It is the color seen when the joints are cleansing.  The Or from the joints typically appears in ribbons during the first 5 minutes of the DC process as seen very distinctly in figure 9a.  When the joints are cleansing, you will initially see areas where the water is still completely clear with no orange color as the color does not develop uniformly but in ribbons and swirls.  Orange is also the control color as it is the color seen when the equipment is operated without feet in the water. (Figure 9c)  The control color appears uniformly all throughout the water, never in ribbons or swirls.

The first picture below is the control where the DC system was run for 25 minutes with a new array and no feet in the water.  Next are pictures taken at 5-minute intervals for 25 minutes of the DC process.


Control Detox, 5 Minutes Detox Results Detox Results Detox Results Detox Results Detox Results

gg     5 MINS               10 MINS                 15 MINS                  20 MINS                  25 MINS                30 MINS

Note that the orange color in the 5 MINS picture is not uniform.  There is an area behind the right foot where the water is still almost completely clear.  The orange is darkest closest to the feet.  Therefore, this orange in pictures 1a and 1b above represents the joints being cleansed and not the orange control color seen in the control pictures above.  It is thought that it is the synovial sac that is being cleansed.  This is consistent with what we have seen in over 7,000 dermal chelations.

Detox - White Foam 4Detox - White FoamInitially, as the H2  gas comes to the top of the water, it enters the atmosphere.  However, if the lymphatic system is being cleansing, a viscous substance will be released that will trap the H2+ gas creating a soap suds appearance designated bubbly foam (BF).  The color of the BF will be white, as seen in both the picture to the right and the left, unless something else is mixing in with it.  In the 5 MINS picture of the controls above, the orange color of the joints (Or) is mixing with the BF causing the white BF to turn orange.  In the 10 MINS picture of the controls above, the black specks (BS) of metal and Or are mixing with the BF making it appear burnt orange in color.  When you rub the BS between your fingers, it feels like nothing but water or a slightly viscous substance but it has a very strong smell of metal.  This is what one would expect of microscopic pieces of metal clumping together.

In the 25 MINS picture of controls above, there is so much BS mixing with the BF that it appears to be almost completely black.  Also notice how the water appears to be black in the 25 MINS picture of controls above.  This is a black film sitting on top of the water.  This black film is thought to consist of lighter weight metals such as mercury.

The water resulting from each person’s dermal chelation will look different depending on what is coming out of their body.  We are hoping to get future funding to do the formal research proving our documented findings with this equipment and correlating with physicians’ diagnoses which has led us to conclude that the colors and textures indicate the following:

Detox - Joints - Orange and BlackThe darkness to the rear of the foot tub in figure 18 is a film sitting on top of the water thought to be metal removed through the pores of the feet. The orange in the front of the foot tub is thought to be caused by the joints (possibly synovial fluid sac) being cleansed.




The flatter foam in in the picture to the rightis thought to be yeast. The yeast will be white unless something is mixing with it.  The Or and BS are mixing in with the yeast giving it a burnt orange color.

The larger bubbles are the viscous substance from the lymphatic system that traps the H2 gas as it is entering the atmosphere.  The bluish green is from the gall bladder being cleansed.



The darkness forming a film of black specks on top of the water in the picture to the left was thought to be caused by metal. However, when the water was parted, the darkness was seen all throughout the water as opposed to just floating on top. Black water itself is thought to indicate that the liver is being cleansed.  The bubbly foam on top of the water is mixing with mostly black specks turning it black as well.

Resulting Detox Water With Arrows To Yellow Green Kidney Toxins and Blue Green Gall Bladder ToxinsThe yellowish green color in the picture to the right indicates that the kidneys are being cleansed. There are a few areas near the array that have a blue-green color.  This is thought to indicate that the gall bladder is being cleansed as well.  Note how different this water is from the controls above.

DETOX HANDSThis client’s hands are being used for the chelation process in the picture on the left. Before we began she had black blood pooling in her right hand and arm.  Physicians had cauterized the vessels in this arm on several occasions to stop the blood from pooling.  Much to our surprise, the blood is being removed causing the water to be darker on the right side of the foot tub.  By the time this picture was taken, the pooled blood in her arm was no longer black though it is still darker than freshly oxygenated blood.  After the DC process was complete, the pooled blood in her arm was the color of freshly oxygenated blood.  Kidneys and/or gall bladder are being cleaned as indicated by the green water.  The larger bubbles are thought to be the viscous substance from the lymphatic system that traps the H2 gas as it appears.  The flatter foam is yeast being removed. The yeast would be white but the orange from the joints and the darkness of the metal are mixing in with the yeast giving it a burnt orange color.

Detox Results Picture: Bubbly FoamThis BF is thought to be viscous substance from the lymphatic system that traps the H2 gas.  The orange color is due to the joints being cleansed and mixing with the foam.  This amount of BF is considered to represent a severe cleansing of the lymphatic system.  Clients diagnosed with lymphatic diseases will release large amounts of BF.  Afterwards, they will notice that their lymph nodes are very soft and significantly smaller.

array - nicotine line with arrowsNicotine is a hygroscopic, pale yellow, liquid that becomes dark brown and viscous when exposed to air. ([3],[4],[5])   Nicotine has been observed as seen in picture to the right which came from the DC of an elderly female with a 30 year history of smoking cigarettes.  After not smoking for over 20 years, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and had a lobe of one of her lungs removed.  Just prior to this DC session, she was told that her cancer was no longer in  remission.  Note that the nicotine resembles the substance expelled from the mouths of people who chew tobacco leaves.  When nicotine is being released in the large amounts seen in the picture to the right and below, smokers will suddenly not like the taste of cigarettes and be unable to smoke for up to 4 days.  array - nicotineAfter about 100 of these processes a 70 year old male client diagnosed with COPD and prescribed oxygen for breathing was told by his physician that his lungs were healthy.  His physician stopped all medications as no further assistance was needed with breathing.  Further studies are needed to investigate this finding and determine its ramifications with respect to COPD.


Aqua Detox International had independent research ([4])conducted in England where the equipment is manufactured and classified as class II medical equipment.  The local tap water was tested (orange row in the table below) as well as the control water resulting from operating the equipment with no feet (array only) in the water (pink row in the table below).  The water resulting from the first and fifth 30 minute treatments on five participants was tested as shown by the blue rows in the table below.

RESEARCH DETOX WATER STUDY TRUNCATEDNotice that the amounts of ammonia, nitrates, and phosphates decrease to 0-.15 mg/L when the equipment is operated with no feet (array only) in the water.  However, when the equipment is operated with feet in the water, the amounts of all three substances increase significantly to as high as 10.2 mg/L for nitrates.  Notice that typically, the fifth treatment yielded much more nitrates than the first.  We regularly test the resulting DC water for mercury using SenSafe Boris’ Mercury Check Test Strips if we see black specks present.   We have found the resulting DC water to contain mercury levels ranging from 0.001 to 0.003 mg/L.   It appears that heavier metals such as lead are only present in the water when metal clings to the metallic coils of the array.

BLOOD_CELLS__BEFOREBlood Cels After DetoxThese are two pictures taken from the Aqua Detox research ([3]).  The picture on the left shows the toxins in the cells and blood as cloudiness.  The picture on the right is a picture taken of the blood after the DC process is done.  It shows that the cloudiness is gone from both the cells and he blood.  This indicates that the toxins, THMs if present, are no longer in the cells.

Here are some pictures taken from Aqua Detox’s published research of blood with various issues shown before and after the DC:

blood - autoimmune disease before detox with arrowsThe above pictures, taken from research published by Aqua Detox International ([5]), are shown twice.  The left picture above shows blood with an excessive amount of protein (yellow arrow) due to a chronic auto-immune disorder.   In picture above, the orange and red arrows are pointing out how the shapes of the cells have changed due to the chronic condition.  Notice how dim the white of the outer membrane becomes at the areas of severe damage.

blood - autoimmune disease after detox with arrowsThe picture to the left ([5]) shows the blood cells of the same person with the chronic auto-immune disorder after the DC process is performed.  The excessive amount of protein is no longer present.  The blood cells appear to be nearly normal except for where there is still some occasional dimming   of the outer membrane.




According to the same research presented by Aqua Detox International ([6]), the picture below on the right side, shows blood lacking in oxygen with the body, in an acid state and developing anti-bodies to its own tissue as is often seen with chronic auto-immunological disorders.  Note the resulting stacking of the blood cells.blood - chronic hypoxia - auto-immune - before and after detox

Since the DC process causes oxygen to enter the pores of the feet and, eventually the blood, the blood cells become oxygenated. Note that after the DC process is performed, there is no stacking of the blood cells as seen in the picture to the right above.  The blood cells appear to be almost normal.

As we have shown in the figures of resulting detox water above and in agreement with Aqua Detox’s independent research results presented above, the resulting water looks very different from one person to the next.  The dark microscopy pictures of the blood make it apparent that the Aqua DetoxTM system is interacting with the body.  We hope it is obvious at this point that, with the Aqua DetoxTM system, there does appear to be specific induction of toxic elements released through the feet.


[1]  Cunha, Elisabete M., et al. “Human & Experimental Toxicology.” Sage journals September 1, 2004.

[2] Haschek, Wanda M., Rousseaux, Colin G and  Wallig, Matthew A, editors.   Haschek and Rousseaux’s Handbook of Toxicologic Pathology. Second edition Volume 1, Academic Press; 1991,2002.

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