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Dermal Chelation with DermChel+

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Dermal chelation with DermChel+ will let you relax with your feet in a warm bath of water while you get energized and invigorated as heavy metals are released from your body through the pores of your feet. You can watch as your body releases metals and other toxins into the warm water at your feet.  Afterwards, our chelation specialist will explain what the water may indicate about your body and what you can do to make improvements.  Then your feet will be wrapped in a warm towel and massaged!   Finally, you will be asked to walk around and see how light and rejuvenated releasing the metal from your body will cause your legs to feel.

DermChel+ SystemWhat Is Dermal Chelation?

The dermal chelation process is an opportunity for you to place your feet in a warm bath of water with our specialized DermChel+ System.  The DermChel+ System will help your body release heavy metals and other toxins leaving you energized and rejuvenated!

How Does Dermal Chelation Work?

DermChel+ System, Array LabeledAs dermal chelation proceeds, the specialized electrical piece in the middle of the water called the array sends out an electrical current that breaks down the water into its hydrogen and oxygen ions. The hydrogen ions rise up and enter the air while the oxygen is magnetized and pushed deeper into the water towards the soles of the feet. DermChel+ System, Oxygen Down & Hydrogen UpThe magnetized oxygen enters the pores of your feet in a way similar to how garlic enters the pores of your fee if you stand on a piece of it for a few minutes.  Both the oxygen and the garlic enter through the pores of the feet and get distributed throughout your body just .  Prove this to yourself by standing on the garlic for a few minutes and notice that your breath will smell like garlic!

Cell - toxins leavingThe electrical current from the array also unlocks your cells which allows them to begin the chelation process by dumping their toxins into your bloodstream. After entering your body, some of the oxygen ions enter your blood stream and circulate through your body. These oxygen ions join with the released metals and other toxins. When the equipment’s magnet reverses its polarity to pull the oxygen ions back out of your body, the toxins that the oxygen are holding on to also come out.  Yes, this gives the metals and other toxins a free ride right out of your body.  As the chelation process continues, the metals and other toxins collect in the water at your feet. Similar substances begin to come together and get big enough for you to actually see. This chelation process gives nearly all of your cells a chance to release their metals and other toxins that are toxic to the body.

Everyone has a toxic load!

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Is Dermal Chelation Safe For Adults and Children?

The most accurate answer is, it depends.  The level of possible danger depends on the type of metals and toxins stored in the person’s body.   Mercury, for example is the most poisonous non-radioactive substance on planet earth!  If your body is loaded with mercury, then your body is in serious danger.  Removing this highly toxic substance can be very dangerous for both adults and children.  This means that it will be critical for clients to follow their specialist’s instructions very closely.  Their safety and the safety on their children depends on it.

Emotional Release TherapyTo date, we have worked with thousands of clients and over 99% have remained safe throughout the process.  We are pleased to say that 100% of the children that we have assisted have remained safe throughout the process.  Unfortunately, nearly all of the small number of adults who have had issues did not follow the instructions given by their specialist.  As a result, we have worked harder to get adults to fully comply with our instructions.


Are Good Metals Removed During Dermal Chelation?


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