Ionic Detox Foot Bath Testimonials

Enjoy our ionic detox foot bath (detox foot spa) testimonials.  Our ionic detox foot bath testimonials  will let you  see how our clients have been helped with aching joints and fibromyalgia.  Some who did not have specific illnesses just felt better.  Either way, reading our ionic detox foot bath testimonials can encourage you to come and give it a try!

Ionic Detox Foot Bath Testimonial: Aching Joints


Aching joints isn’t what brought Robert to Optimum Health.  Stage 4 Renal failure is what caused his daughter to decide to bring him for an appointment to see if we could help his kidneys.  But his kidneys were not his only problem.  Like the typical American who is over 80 years old, Robert struggled to lift himself out of the chair and his steps were feeble.  After his first detox foot spa he noticed that his aching joints felt better.  After one month of cleansing, at over 80 years of age, Robert stood up and walked like a young man.  When asked how his joints felt he said, “Baby, I don’t hurt anywhere!


At the age of 83, Robert continues to do his detox foot bath twice a month and he still does not hurt anywhere.  On a recent appointment he stated, “After starting on my new mineral drink, my hair is turning black again…at my age!  I keep telling people the older I get, the better I feel.

Read Roberts Testimony for his kidneys.


Ionic Detox Foot Spa Testimonial: Fibromyalgia Pain Relief


“I began looking for fibromyalgia pain relief over a year ago.  At that time, my doctor told me my pain was called fibromyalgia.  Then, he prescribed some medicine to relieve my muscle pain.  I didn’t want to take the medicine so I came to Optimum Health for an initial consultation (now called a primary wellness consultation).  Though I didn’t know if it was possible, I came hoping they could help me decrease my muscle pain without medicine.  I had my first detox foot spa then.  My muscle pain dropped from 12 (using 0-10 pain scale) down to a 3 by the time the detox foot spa was over.  The next day, I noticed that I did not have any muscle pain at all.  Indeed, total fibromyalgia pain relief!  My muscles didn’t hurt me again for 8 whole months.  I was very pleased.

My muscles finally started hurting again a few months ago.  So I am back at Optimum Health.  I will be coming once a month for regular cleanses this time.  I am hoping that my muscles will never hurt again!”


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“Fibromyalgia pain relief seemed impossible after being diagnosed, spending many years hurting all the time and then being put on disability.   At the suggestion of a friend, I went to Optimum Health for my first detox foot bath.  My fibromyalgia pain dropped down to zero by the time the cleanse was over.  I  had no fibromyalgia pain for two whole weeks!

Tianya told me that she was taught that the process enabled my body to release the toxins from my muscles and that is what gave the fibromyalgia pain relief.  This was, and still is, hard to believe.  However,  I have been detoxing for two years now and I almost never have any pain. For me, this has been TRUE fibromyalgia pain relief!  I keep wondering how long this is going to last.


Patricia has finally been able to follow her detox schedule faithfully.  As a result, she has not had any fibromyalgia pain for over a year.  She is able to lead her full life once again.


I started looking for fibromyalgia pain relief in the 1980’s when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  Normally large gatherings are stressful for me and cause my fibromyalgia pain to flare up and become very painful.  On those occasions, I have to take 2 Tylenol with Codeine every 4 hours.  Still, I end up in the bed struggling with the pain.  I have tried many medical suggestions only to get very little fibromyalgia pain relief.

I came to Optimum Health a week ago.  After having two detox foot spas and beginning a supplemental routine, I had a large family gathering.  I was very pleased that I only had to take a total of one Tylenol with Codeine each day and I never ended up in the bed struggling with fibromyalgia pain.  This is unbelievable.  I know I have been helped!

Finally, after nearly 30 years of dealing with fibromyalgia pain, I have true fibromyalgia pain relief.  I am actually looking forward to my body healing!”

Detox - Joints Detox Results Picture

Ionic Detox Foot Bath Testimonial: Aching Joints


Mike’s aching joints were his knees which were very painful and had lumps on them.  He said that most of the members of his family had knees like his and that they typically began experiencing pain by age 11.  After his first detox foot spa he said, “I can’t believe that my knees don’t hurt!”


Barbara’s aching joint was her back.  She came into our center having trouble sitting, standing and bending.  After her first total body cleanse she began to dance.  Her dance included a move where she literally danced low enough to touch the floor as she said, “Look what I can do!


Betty’s aching joints were all over her body.  Even with her prescription medicines, she  could not get out of the bed on rainy days.  She attended one of Optimum Health’s Better Health seminars held in Heathsville, Virginia.  There, she had her first total body cleanse.  Nutrients were suggested to help her body continue to remove the arthritic inflammation.

At the second Better Health seminar held in Heathsville, Virginia, a month later, there was a severe thunderstorm.  Everyone was were surprised to see Betty attend since she is normally bed ridden during storms.  She came because the first total body cleanse helped her so much that she had to make sure that she got a second one.  Afterwards, she too began to do a dance.  In fact, she included a move that went all the way to the floor.  Betty also lifted a leg in the air as she danced and said, “See what I can do now.  These people (Optimum Health Staff Members) know what they are doing!”

DETOX RESULTS - YELLOW GREEN     Detox Results Picture

Ionic Detox Foot Bath Testimonial: Feeling Better


“I have been sick for just about all my life.  The doctor’s have never been able to figure out what is wrong.  I came to Optimum Health for a detox and consultation and was given hope.  They took me seriously and had definite ideas about what my body was asking me to do.  I have been coming to detox for a year now and continue to do my personal supplemental routine faithfully. 

Yes, I feel so much better.  I am happy and smiling again!  Indeed, I am glad to find someone who can help me and do it with natural products.”


John was listening to Optimum Health Live, Optimum Health’s Radio Show, and decided to call and make an appointment for a nutritional consultation.  “I have been to doctors who kept telling me I was fine, but I knew I didn’t feel fine.  Optimum Health has helped me to feel fine.  I don’t get that light-headed feeling anymore and I think so much better.  Even my hair seems to be thicker…maybe I just need a haircut”, John says smiling.


Once we realize that it is going to take a very long time for a client to finish the toxin dumping mode of the cleansing phase of his total body detoxification, we normally encourage them to purchase their own detoxification equipment from our center as it is more economical for them.  In accord with this policy, it was suggested to Gregory several times that this be done.  It was all to no avail as Gregory finally said, have considered purchasing my own machine.  However, I am feeling so much better and I have learned so much each time I come that I just don’t want to stop coming!  We feel that this is one of the most wonderful compliments that can be given.

Of course, we explained that he didn’t have to stop coming.  He would simply decrease to coming to once a week,  twice a month or once a month.  This would allow Optimum Health to oversee his cleansing process and make suggestions to continue guiding him through the process.  At this point he was very pleased and purchased his own machine  immediately.  Over the course of over two years, once a month appointments have been suggested repeatedly.  However, Gregory continues to come once a week as he said…TO FEEL BETTER AND LEARN!  After four years, Gregory finally completed the cleansing phase of his total body detoxification.  He no longer feels the need to come to Optimum Health for regular appointments.


Pamela stated that her thinking was so foggy that she felt as if she was “walking in green pea soup”.  She wanted her life back quickly so she decided to fast track her recovery by giving her body what it needed quickly.  When she came in for her appointment a few days later she said, “The green soup is gone.  I can think clearly again!”  Yes, she is feeling better!

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No More Walker!

The physicians diagnosed Deborah’s mom with Parkinson’s disease.  As her shaking increased and her strength declined, she could only walk with a walker.  After nearly six years of walking with a walker, she came to Optimum Health.  Deborah was so happy to finally get her mom to our center.  In fact, Deborah had been trying to get her mom to come for a free detox as her Share the Health guest for many years.  Watch the video below to see how happy Deborah and her mom were when her mother was able to walk without the walker immediately after her first total body cleanse.



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