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Ionic Detox Foot Bath Testimonials

Enjoy our ionic detox foot bath (detox foot spa) testimonials.  Our ionic detox foot bath testimonials  will let you  see how our clients have been helped with aching joints and fibromyalgia.  Some who did not have specific illnesses just felt better.  Either way, reading our ionic detox foot bath testimonials can encourage you to come and give it a try!


Robert Butler in detox chair.

Aching joints isn’t what brought Robert to Optimum Health.  Stage 4 Renal failure is what caused his daughter to decide to bring him for an appointment to see if we could help his kidneys.  But his kidneys were not his only problem.  Like the typical American who is over 80 years old, Robert struggled to lift himself out of the chair and his steps were feeble.  After his first detox foot spa he noticed that his aching joints felt better.  After one month of cleansing, at over 80 years of age, Robert stood up and walked like a young man.  When asked how his joints felt he said, “Baby, I don’t hurt anywhere!


At the age of 83, Robert continued to do his detox foot bath twice a month and he still did not hurt anywhere.  On his appointment he stated, “After starting on my new mineral drink, my hair is turning black again…at my age!  I keep telling people the older I get, the better I feel.

Read Roberts Testimony for his kidneys.



Gardening in a Flower Bed“I began looking for fibromyalgia pain relief over a year ago.  At that time, my doctor told me my pain was called fibromyalgia.  Then, he prescribed some medicine to relieve my muscle pain.  I didn’t want to take the medicine so I came to Optimum Health for an initial consultation (now called a primary wellness consultation).  Though I didn’t know if it was possible, I came hoping they could help me decrease my muscle pain without medicines.  I had my first detox foot spa then.  My muscle pain dropped from 12 (using 0-10 pain scale) down to a 3 by the time the detox foot spa was over.  The next day, I noticed that I did not have any muscle pain at all.  Indeed, total fibromyalgia pain relief!  My muscles didn’t hurt me again for 8 whole months.  I was very pleased.  I decided that I didn’t need anymore assistance from Optimum Health since my pain was all gone!

My muscles finally started hurting again a few months ago.  So I am back at Optimum Health.  I will be coming once a month for regular cleanses this time.  I am hoping that my muscles will never hurt again!”


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No More Walker!

The physicians diagnosed Deborah’s mom with Parkinson’s disease.  As her shaking increased and her strength declined, she could only walk with a walker.  After nearly six years of walking with a walker, she came to Optimum Health.  Deborah was so happy to finally get her mom to our center.  In fact, Deborah had been trying to get her mom to come for a free detox as her Share the Health guest for many years.  Watch the video below to see how happy Deborah and her mom were when her mother was able to walk without the walker immediately after her first total body cleanse.



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