Stage 3 Kidney Disease

KIDNEYS: PASS OR FAIL?Stage 3 kidney disease is the first stage that indicates a serious problem.   As kidney disease progresses and gets worse, the number of the stage gets higher.  As the stages get higher,  the kidneys are unable to filter a substance called creatinine from your blood. Creatinine levels will build up and become too high if your kidneys are experiencing the type of kidney problems that lead to kidney disease.  This makes creatinine levels an excellent way to determine the severity of the this disease.

Stage Kidney Disease

The five stages of kidney disease are based the rate that your kidneys are able to filter out the creatinine from your blood.  The specific filtration rates are shown in the chart below.  Note that the kidney is not said to have failed until they reach stage 5 with less than 15% of their ability to filter out creatinine and other toxins and waste from your blood.


Description Filtration Rate* Other Findings
Stage 1 Normal or minimal kidney damage with normal GFR   90+ In stage 1 kidney disease, protein or albumin in urine are high, cells or casts seen in urine.
Stage 2 Mild decrease in GFR  60-89 Stage 2 kidney disease requires supportive care from healthcare professionals.
Stage 3 Moderate decrease in GFR   30-59 Stage 3 kidney disease requires supportive care from healthcare professionals.
Stage 4 Severe decrease in GFR 15-29 Though stage 4 kidney disease is thought to require active treatment such as dialysis in order to survive.  At Optimum Health, we are able to help the kidneys at this stage heal.
Stage 5 Kidney failure <15 Though stage 5 kidney disease is considered a severe illness requiring drastic measures such as dialysis and kidney transplant for survival. At Optimum Health, we are able to help the kidneys at this stage heal.

*Filtration Rate refers to the Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR).



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