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Heavy Metal Toxicity Examples

Heavy Metal Toxicity Examples

Two Examples of Heavy Metal Toxicity: Legs

Since heavy metals are literally heavy, gravity pulls them downward. Therefore, they tend to settle in your hand and feet. More tends to settle in your feet. The more you have settling, the higher up your arms and legs the settling will occur.  As the metal tends to irritate the skin from the inside, the rashes below are what we at Optimum Health have come to consider classic for long-term heavy metal exposure.




This first client’s legs were so heavy and restless that he could no longer lift them normally to climb steps and constantly moved them around in exaggerated motions while sitting. His legs burned like they were on fire.  His feet were blue on the bottom, his right foot had very little feeling and he could barely move the toes.  His hair analysis indicated arsenic and mercury toxicity.  The arsenic is what is causing the browning of the skin on his lower legs and feet.

His legs felt lighter and stopped burning immediately after his first dermal chelation foot bath. Unfortunately, the burning came back within 24 hours but would stop again with each chelation.  After many dermal chelation sessions, his legs never felt like they were on fire again.  The bottom of his feet were normal in color. He could move his toes, walk up steps normally and had full feeling in his feet. As expected, the rash decreased with chelations until it was completely gone.  His podiatrist that he saw for weekly appointments for nearly a decade was amazed at the changes.  The podiatrist released this client from his practice and said that he regularly wondered exactly what was making his patient suddenly improve so much!



METAL TOXICITY RASH ON LEGS FOR 35 YEARSThis second client’s legs were very heavy and burned like they were on fire.  He had a 30 year history of arsenic exposure.  Fortunately, his legs also felt lighter and the burning stopped after his first chelation. In his case also, the burning came back within 24 hours but would stop again with each chelation. After many dermal chelation sessions, the burning stopped completely.  Again, the rash decreased with chelations until it was completely gone.



Heavy Metal Toxicity Appearance on Face

Freya Koss - Mercury, Before & After

Heavy metal toxicity, such as mercury, can cause a person’s rosy coloring to be replaced by a bluish or grayish coloring of the skin.  In people with brown skin, this can cause the face to appear significantly darker and even blacker than their neck as the blue coloring darkens the skin on the face.  This darkening of the skin may also be noticed on the hands.  Drooping of the eye(s) and mouth can also occur.  In cases such as these, one should consider amalgam fillings as the source of the heavy metal toxicity.  There is a great deal of research that has been done connecting amalgam fillings to mercury toxicity.



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