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Lead Poisoning Symptoms and Sources

Common Sources of Lead Toxicity

Child Drinking Waterash
auto exhaust
canned fruit and juices
car batteries
ceramic mugs
cigarette smoke
colored inks
Hair Dyes: A type of paint contain leadcosmetics
eating utensils

hair dyes
household dust
lead-glazed earthenware pottery
Paint Peeling and Flaking Offnewsprint

rain water
vegetation grown near roads

In the early stages of lead poisoning, a person may appear to be completely normal.  In fact, it is often only diagnosed when lead is actively being absorbed.  Why?  Because the body has to keep the blood clean of poisons that will kill you.  As such, nearly all of the lead is stored away in the bone marrow, hair, and other places.  In the end, it takes the body about 30 days to hide the lead.

With this in mind, blood test will not have significant amounts of it.  A hair analysis will show the lead much longer.  Then it will now show it either.  In contrast, testing the bone marrow would accurately identify the lead as long as it is in the body.  However, this is an expensive process.  Indeed, it can be hard to get insurance companies to pay for it.  Therefore, you may have to determine if you have lead toxicity for yourself.

What do you do if you think you have lead poisoning?

In fact, taking a close look as your past exposure to the sources of lead poisoning may help you decide if you may have it.  You may also take a close look at your current expression of the lead poisoning symptoms below.  If you decide that you have lead poisoning, see your physician.  Hopefully, your physician will be able to help to your satisfaction.  However, if they don’t, consider our total body cleanse process as a way to eliminate the lead from your body!  This process is a form of dermal chelation.  It is a simple and non-invasive way to remove the poisonous substance from your body.  Indeed, we can help.  For instance, we can test the resulting detox water for lead.  In this way, we may be able to confirm or subside your suspicions.

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Lead Poisoning Symptoms


Lead Poisoning Symptoms:

back pain
blood pressure problems
concentration difficulties

Lead at the gum line.depression
hearing loss
heart concerns

IQ decrease
loss of coordination
joint stiffness and discomfort
kidney damage and failure
libido issues

Kidney Pain Referred to Backliver dysfunction
memory loss
mood swings
mental retardation
muscle aches and weakness

stomach discomfort

tooth decay
vision problems
weakened immune function
weight loss

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