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Sunburn Relief for Summertime

Sunburn Relief for Summertime

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Sunburn relief becomes a real need as many are out having fun in the sun.  Don’t let playing on the beach become a sunburn nightmare that you try and smile through! Don’t use harmful creams that can deposit toxins into your body.  Instead, use Optimum You Colloidal Silver, 500 ppm before you sun, and for fast sunburn relief when the sun causes your skin to feel uncomfortable. 

For moments like this... sunburn

Fast Sunburn Relief

For sunburn relief in just minutes, spray on Optimum You Colloidal Silver, 500 ppm.  Let it soothe and revive your skin.  Don’t let sunburn take over your life for days.  Speed up the healing process by spraying Optimum You Colloidal Silver, 500 ppm every 15 minutes until your skin is back to normal in a matter of hours! Yes, back to normal.  This means no redness and no pealing…just a quick return to your own normal looking skin.

How Does Optimum You Colloidal Silver work?

Optimum You Colloidal Silver, 500 ppm has naturally occurring anti-inflammatory qualities.  This lets it stop the inflammatory process of sunburn as soon as you spray it on.  Optimum You Colloidal Silver, 500 ppm also stimulates stem cell production.  The new stem cells come and replace the terminally damaged cells.  This combination yields fast sunburn relief preventing the extreme reddening and peeling of the skin that can be caused by sunburn.

For Moments Like This...SunburnLet Optimum You Colloidal Silver, 500 ppm bring fast sunburn relief and make this an optimum summer…your best summer ever!

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