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Causes of Heavy Metal Poisoning

Sources of Toxins: Cigarettes, Factory Smoke, Fast Food Preservatives, Alcohol, Pesticides, Toxic GarbageThere are many causes of heavy metal poisoning.  Plants can concentrate the metals naturally occurring in the soil and pass it on to us. Some work environments produce a lot of metals.  Also, medical procedures such as barium studies and joint replacement surgeries introduce metals to our bodies.

Primary Causes of Heavy Metal Poisoning

The primary causes of heavy metal poisoning that we at Optimum Health tend to see are:

Metal fillings (amalgams)Amalgams Are Silver Or Black Fillings That Are Half Toxic Mercury which release mercury

Metal colored fillings are about 50% mercury.  The mercury from the fillings is released into your mouth and mixes with your saliva.  The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology states that you swallow this mercury each time you swallow.  In fact, it takes 25 years for your body to remove half of this mercury absorbed in one day.   Notably, some forms of chelation will safely remove the mercury.

Well water

Well water is a wonderful source of minerals vital to life. Unfortunately, unfiltered well water can also be a major source of heavy metals such as mercury.  Now, think about the fact that Virginia is a dumping ground for toxic waste from all over the country.  It follows that the water can have many different types of metal contaminants.

Individual work environments

Automotive repair workers, welders and painters, for example, tend to have excessive amounts of lead.  They may also have cadmium, aluminum, and molybdenum.

pregnant woman with fetus in wombPrenatal exposure to cigarettes and metal fillings (amalgams)

It was once thought that the baby was protected from the toxins the mother may have in her blood.  When in fact, science has proven that mercury and toxins from cigarettes cross into the baby.  The toxins from cigarettes can cause low birth weight while both of these can cause birth defects.  It takes 25 years to get rid of the mercury absorbed in one day.  In other words, the baby can grow up and grow old before all of the mercury would be removed.  This process can be expedited by chelation.

The air we breathe

In states like New Jersey, the factories are pumping substances like mercury into the air.  This makes each breath a source of substances that cause major problems.  This may very well be the reason why New Jersey is the autism capital of the United States.

Additional Causes of Heavy Metal Poisoning

On occasion we have seen the following types of metal toxicity:

  1. Arsenic from orchards, and older lumber.
  2. Uranium from Radon gas in homes.
  3. Lead and cadmium from automotive repair shops.
  4. Aluminum from deodorants and green tea.

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