Dermal Chelation Therapy: Removing Heavy Metals

Chelation: Metals Released

Dermal chelation therapy is a way of removing heavy metals. At Optimum Health, we use equipment that has been given European Class IIa medical approval to remove heavy metals. This dermal chelation therapy process is widely accepted throughout the world and is a common practice in Italy, France, Europe, China, Japan, Germany, Holland, and some parts of the United States.

Total Body Cleanse DetoxAt Optimum Health we create an opportunity for you to relax with your feet in a warm bath of water. The electrical forces unlock your cells which allows them to remove their unwanted metals. The specialized electrical current breaks down the water into its ions. The equipment will magnetize the oxygen.  After entering your body, the toxins bind to (join with) the metals. Next, the magnet pulls the oxygen back out through the pores of your feet.  In fact, the metals come out with it. You will see the metals collect at your feet. This process gives all your cells a chance to remove their toxic metals as well as many other types of unwanted toxins. Therefore, this isn’t just chelation, it is a total body cleanse!

Chelation: How are the Heavy Metals Removed?

The Aqua Detox system removes heavy metals.  When we see that the detox water has a black film sitting on top of the water or black chunks that shake out of the white piece in the center of the water, we have come to understand that the body is releasing heavy metals.  Testing the water has shown that the body typically releases mercury when this black film is present.  Hair analysis on clean hair has shown a 60%-70% drop in heavy metals such as mercury, lead, uranium and cadmium after weekly detoxes for four months.

 Detox Water: Control
(Orange with Black Specks)

(Black Film on Water )
Metal Issues

Detox Water: Control
(Orange with Black Specks)

Detox Results Picture: Black Film
(Black Film on Water )
Metal Issues


Dermal Chelation Therapy: Are Good Metals Removed?

There are some metals such as molybdenum, boron and magnesium that your body uses for very important purposes. Therefore, it is important that these metals stay in your body at normal levels.

Research, as well as hair analysis test on Optimum Health’s clients, indicates that the Aqua Detox Medical Equipment allows your body to decrease elevated levels of the metals that your body uses as nutrients to normal. While the metals that your body needs will not be decreased below normal, the harmful metals are decreased to as low as possible.

Fueling The Chelation Process:

The body requires a lot of energy to manage the metals and other unwanted toxins. We believe that removing the toxins frees up the energy that was managing the toxins. Now, the body can return this energy to being used for running and feeling vibrantly wonderful! You will be given some chlorella as its outer layer binds metal and will pull it out in your feces. You will also get vitamins, minerals and a protein drink to help fuel this whole process.

happy coupleOlder female throwing her cane!Removing Metal Results:

Optimum Health’s clients have indicated that their legs feel lighter, their legs are no longer restless and their energy levels SOAR after relaxing with their feet in our water. Our clients indicate that they can think clearer and move better. They begin to lose the hardened aged look that toxic loads can cause. Many clients begin to lose large amounts of unwanted fat that had accumulated to store the harmful metals.

This is Removing Heavy Metals at its Best!





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