Uranium Sources

Sources of Toxins: Cigarettes, Factory Smoke, Fast Food Preservatives, Alcohol, Pesticides, Toxic Garbage

Mining, grinding, and milling of uranium ores, water near granite soil or fertilizer run off, Pennsylvania’s east coast has natural uranium deposits, use in nuclear reactors as fuel and to pack nuclear fuel rods and in the production of nuclear weapons, burning of uranium metal chips and smelting operations, use in the ceramics industry for pigments, coloring porcelain, painting on porcelain, and enameling, high energy x-rays, use as catalysts for many reactions, in gas manufacture, and in production of fluorescent glass, use in photographic processes, for alloying steel, in radiation shielding, and in aircraft counterweights, use as a source of plutonium and radium salts, used in laboratories as a source for hydrogen, and from radon gas in home (detect by radon test kit in basement and fix by sealing cracks/holes in foundation and venting basement if radon is present).

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