What can we do about the arsenic in our rice?

There isn’t much that we as individuals can do about the arsenic in rice at this point. Since it seems impossible to remove the arsenic from the rice once it is in there, the only completely safe thing to do is minimize the amount of rice you eat. Quinoa is an excellent substitute if you find that you are able to eat it.

For those of you die-hard rice fans, some sources say that you can remove some… of the arsenic by cooking it in an excessive amount of water the way you would cook pasta noodles. I have tried this. It does seem to decrease the arsenic a bit. I have even tried bringing the rice to a boil for a few minutes and then pouring the water off and refilling the pot with fresh water to boil the rice again. I have poured out the water and refilled the pot 3 or 4 times when cooking the same batch of rice. Unfortunately, there was quite a bit of arsenic in the rice.

So here are the facts as best I can tell. We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please post anything that you have done to successfully remove the arsenic from your rice before you eat it.

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