Cadmium Sources

Sources of Toxins: Cigarettes, Factory Smoke, Fast Food Preservatives, Alcohol, Pesticides, Toxic Garbage

Food: Shellfish and organ meats such as liver can be high in cadmium.   Other foods such as potatoes, rice, sunflower seeds, spinach and other leafy greens.

Other Sources: Cadmium can be found in soils because insecticides, fungicides, sludge, and commercial fertilizers that use cadmium are used in agriculture. Therefore, this is a source of significant amounts of the metal from the soil and environment to enter food sources.  Cigarettes also contain cadmium. Lesser-known sources of exposure are dental alloys, electroplating, motor oil, and exhaust. Inhalation accounts for 15-50% of absorption through the respiratory system; 2-7% of ingested cadmium is absorbed in the gastrointestinal system. Mining and smelting of lead and zinc, nickel-cadmium batteries, PVC plastics, and paint pigments.

Of 275 hazardous substances at toxic waste sites cadmium ranks number 7 for risks to people around those sites.

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