Fibrosis of the Lungs

Niesha W., Lupus & Fibrosis of the LungsFibrosis of the lungs is what Niesha W. was diagnosed with when she came Optimum Health.     The fibrosis of the lungs caused her to have pulmonary hypertension.  Nieshsa indicated that her conditions are so severe that the doctors said that her lungs were not able to heal and that she would die is she did not get a lung transplant as soon as possible.  This scared Niesha as she did not believe she would live through the process.

Niesha came to Optimum Health  pale, weak, on an oxygen tank and still struggling to breathe.   By the end of her first appointment she was no longer pale.  She felt stronger and said, “It isn’t a struggle to breathe anymore.”  What did we do?  We helped her do TENS stimulation and a total body cleanse.  Because of how poorly her lungs were functioning, she kept her oxygen on at all times.

By the end of the first week,  she could breathe deeply and was able to walk briskly to her vehicle without her oxygen tank.  She was very pleased.  She will be seen again in two weeks…


Fibrosis of the Lungs: Update

Niesha is doing better!
                                Niesha's Babies

Niesha’s fibrosis of the lungs is getting much better.  After just three months her physician told her that her lungs were doing as good as they were 2 years ago!  This means that Niesha’s lungs are healing.  Niesha has chosen to cancel her lung transplant.  She has her life back.  She is now able to keep up with her two babies and not get exhausted.  She is looking forward to healing to the point where she will no longer need to breath with extra oxygen.

Niesha and other clients at our center sometimes need financial help in order to get the care they so desperately need.  Therefore we have set up a gofundme donation fund to allow anyone who wants to help do so.  You can help by simply sharing the gofundme donation page so it can reach everyone who might have a few dollars to put towards helping these clients.  If you have a few dollars that you can spare, then you might even want to visit the gofundme domation page and participate at that level as well.  Regardless, we thank you for at least considering the possibility!


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Total Body Cleanse is a regular part of Niesha’s program.

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