Take a Deep Breath

breathe deeply with wordsWHY SHOULD YOU TAKE A DEEP BREATH? Because it empties your lungs completely. This is one of the main ways your body releases unwanted acid to stay neutral and fully armed to defend you and keep you healthy.  It is also necessary to get enough oxygen when running long distances.

SO, HOW DO YOU MAKE SURE YOU ARE BREATHING DEEPLY? Your naval area should go out when you inhale (the diaphragm is coming down to open the lungs up all the way and this pushes the intestines outward making the naval area go out). Your naval area should come in when you exhale because you are pushing everything upward to help empty your lungs.

HOW CAN YOU LEARN TO BREATH DEEPLY? Easy. Take a light folder or magazine with you to a bed. Lay down with a pillow under your head so you can look down to see your naval area. Place the folder on your naval area. Now breathe. Make the folder go UP when you INHALE and DOWN when you EXHALE. Concentrate….you can do it.

PRACTICE! Once you have learned how to breathe deeply, set a timer for 15 minutes and take a deep breath each time it goes off. After doing this for a few days, it will become automatic.

Many thanks to Dr. Thomas Ansett for teaching this in his course that I it took even though it was not on the syllabus!

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