The Many Benefits of Water

WaterThe Many Benefits of Water:

Considering the many benefits of water starts with looking at the picture to the left.  Notice that your brain is 75% water.  That might explain why you get a headache if you have not drank enough water!  Also notice that your blood can be up to 83% water.  That might explain why your blood can get so thick when you don’t drink enough water!  Water cushions your joints and vital organs.  Very importantly, water helps remove waste at the liver and kidneys.

Study the picture to the left until you realize how important drinking water is.  Maybe then you will want to make sure that you get enough water daily.

How Much Water Is Needed Daily?

Calculating how much water is needed daily to truly experience the benefits of water is easy.   For the typical person, you divide the weight in half and use that number as the number of ounces of water needed daily to keep from being dehydrated.  However, to be truly healthy, it takes more than just not being dehydrated.  You must be properly hydrated.   To get the proper amount of water each day, you need to add another 20 ounces.  If you are sweating a lot, you may want to add an additional 10 to 20 ounces.  will depend on how much sweating you do daily.

When counting the ounces of water you drink each day, only include plain water if you really want the true benefits of water.  This means that once you add lemon or limes to your water, you may not count it in with your water for the day.  Tea, lemonade and etc are not to be counted in with your water for the day.  Why?  Because water is the way you rinse your body.  When taking a shower, would you leave the shower feeling clean after having your final rinse with lemon water or tea?  No, we rinse with just plain water.

How Should You Drink Water?

There are two main ways to drink if you are going to get the most benefits of water.  First there is the water flush.  A water flush requires you to drink 24-32 ounces of water in 1-30 minutes.  Guzzling this much water all at once will cause it to pass right through your system quickly and flush out your digestive track blood and kidneys.  Water flushes are extremely for your body as long as your body is capable of handling large amounts of water.  The other way to drink water is to sip it.  Sipping water gives you small amounts of water to replace the water that you use up each hour.  Therefore, sipping water throughout the day is a wonderful treat for your body.

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