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Skype ConsultationsA Skype phone consultation is an option at Optimum Health, Natural Healthcare Center, your primary care for natural healthcare!

Skype Phone Consultations:

“If you are unable to get to our natural healthcare center, don’t worry. I can do Skype consultations using the video camera on your computer. When you schedule your appointment, ask for a Skype consultation with me and I will do my best to do as much as I can to help you as well as your friends and family members get back on the road to an optimum health status right where you are!”  Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP


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Food is medicine. Fill your prescription in the kitchen!Skype Phone Consultation to Ensure Quality Nutrients

Ensuring quality nutrients is essential in order to fuel the body’s ability to heal.  These quality nutrients have to come from real food because your body can tell the difference.  The quality nutrients have to be balanced the way they are balanced in real food and processed in such a way that they are not destroyed and can still be used by the body.  All deficiencies must be corrected in order to restore the proper balance needed for healing and vibrant health to occur.


Skype Consultation Encouraging Good Intestinal Function

Intestnes in the body, labeled

Good intestinal function will ensure that you can break down the nutrients.  Then the nutrients can make it to your blood where they are to be used.  Encouraging good intestinal function also helps your body to expel the dumped toxins from your colon into the commode.  Expelling these toxins several times a day is important to prevent them from irritating your intestines.  Further, expelling these toxins prevents them from returning to your blood stream where they will continue to cause major issues in your body.  Consequently, this makes expelling these toxins several times a day crucial to healing and reaching your optimum health status.


Skype Phone Consultation to Assist with the Removal of Harmful Toxins

Total Body Detox, After

The removal of the harmful toxins is done with the ionic detox foot baths which we call total body cleansing  Our ionic detox foot baths remove the harmful toxins without removing your precious minerals.  This process also allows your body to determine the order of the toxins removed.  This can be very important in cases where serious illness is present.  Finally, this process allows the removal of toxins that it could take your body decades to remove.  If it is determined that you will need this step of our process, we may have to help you purchase your own equipment to use if you are unable to come to our center regularly.


Primary Wellness Consultation via Skype

The primary wellness consultation can be done via Skype.  You must download the free app on your computer, tablet or phone.  If speaking English is difficult for you, you will also want to download Whatsapp to your phone to help us communicate.  Whatsapp can serve as a translator.  Please keep in mind that Skype appoints take longer to complete.  Therefore, you should expect to pay for at least one additional hour of service.

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