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Telehealth AppointmentsTelehealth virtual appointments have been accomplished at Optimum Health for over five years.  Yes, for over five years our specialists have given expert advice to people from many parts of the world using virtual appointments.  This means that we are seasoned at offering you natural primary care alternatives from highly qualified practitioners during this time of mandatory physical distancing!

Telehealth: Online Virtual Appointments

Telehealth Appointments
“If you are unable to get to our natural healthcare center, don’t worry. We can use the video camera on your computer and Skype online. In this way, we are able to see each other in a virtual appointment and accomplish so much of what you need to be healthy!  We are here to comfort you with expert advice and astonishing results. 

When you schedule your appointment, ask for a telehealth, virtual appointment using Skype.  We will help develop individual recipes for health for you and all of your friends and family members.  This can help everyone get back on the road to an optimum health status right from the privacy of  home!”  Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP


We Help Change Lives Internationally with TelehealthCome Morph With Us!




Telehealth can help you use food as your medicine. Fill your prescription in the kitchen!

Virtual Primary Wellness Consultations using Skype Online

Telehealth Appointments to Ensure Quality Nutrients

Encourage Good Intestinal Function

A Telehealth Appointment to Assist with the Removal of Harmful Toxins




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Come Morph With Us!

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