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Analyzing Detox Water: Not A Scam

Are Ionic Detox Foot Baths A Scam?

No, Ionic Foot Baths are not a SCAM! Look below to see the results of independent researchers analyzing the resulting detox water. The chart shows that the resulting foot bath water had ammonia, nitrates and phosphates.  These substance had to come from the person that had their feet in the water.   All of this along with the before and after pictures of the person’s blood is proof that the ionic foot bath process (or dermal chelation as we call it) helps the cells and the blood to literally dump their toxins from the body! Yes, the detailed research shows that our equipment helps the body remove toxins!




Ionic Detox Foot Bath Scam? Not When The Water Is Analyzed

In the chart above, you can see that no ammonia, nitrates or phosphates appeared in the water when the ionic detox machine was operated without feet in the water.  This is seen in the pink row of numbers.  However, all three appeared every time the equipment was operated with a person’s feet in the water.  This is seen in the blue rows of numbers.  Ammonia, nitrates and phosphates are toxic to people.  Therefore, we regularly release these into our urine and/or feces.  Therefore, it makes complete sense that the body would be willing to release these toxic substances into the detox water.


Regularly Testing the Resulting Detox Water

At Optimum Health we regularly test the water for mercury and have been documenting its presence at very high levels for over a decade.  Various smells have also been documented when they are released during the process. Long-term alcoholics tend to release a lot of alcohol causing the water to smell like their preferred alcoholic beverage. Narcotic addicts (prescription drugs, cocaine and crack addicts) tend to release the same narcotic smell. When asked to describe the smell they have said, “It smells just like the pipe.”  or “That smell is making my nose tingle just like cocaine does.”  People who have rotting flesh, once given enzymes to break down the rotting flesh, will have such a strong smell of rotting flesh in their detox water that it makes it difficult to be in the room with them.  Therefore, depending on the clients background, the smell of alcohol, narcotics and rotting flesh have all been documented.

A company in England produces  Optimum Health’s equipment.  England’s officials have given the equipment we use Class IIa medical approval.  This puts it in a class all by itself!  Therefore, our conclusion can only be that everyone calling this process a scam is using equipment that does not do what it should be doing!



Why Was It Thought To Be A Scam: Faulty Competitor’s Detox Equipment

This Process Is Dermal Chelation and Then Some



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